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Dinner and a Ballgame!

August 9, 2013

Forgive me, body, for I have sinned. It has been one week since I last did any sort of physical activity.

I’ve been walking a lot, but that is often not enough. Tonight, I will have to head to Yoga Public or some such place to get my movement fix.

Speaking of physical activities (and weak segues)….

Last night, I attended a Winnipeg Goldeyes game for the first time in, oh, maybe 15 years. It wasn’t like taking a trip down memory lane. It was a brand new experience. For someone who has been going to events downtown for 5 years or so, it is a pleasant surprise to find something so outside of my normal routine.

goldeyes game

Rather like the out-of-town Fringe performer who told me excitedly that she wanted to attend a “Goldeneyes” game with me once the festival was done, I am uneducated about our local baseball team.

My brother is on the up-and-up with the baseball world, so I took him along to my Dinner and a Baseball game night (courtesy of Bodegoes restaurant). I thought the setup was brilliant – save on food and a ball game by making them into an outing.

When we walked up to the box office, we saw names on the sidewalk. I was surprised to recognize a handful of names. Then I spied this adorable little bit.

tiles at ball park

My brother plans to change his name to Jeff W and find a girl named Sarah K. “They’ve laid the groundwork for a great proposal already,” he said (pun unintended, but subconsciously clever).

When I traded in my passes for a ticket to Section A, I thought, “A is good, right? Like in school, if you do well, you get an A.”

Contrary to my elementary-school-level logic, section A was on the far end, on the Goldeye’s side. I would have done better in Section F.

We discovered that Bodegoes is on the opposite end of the park, so we made our way through the masses (there were actually way more people there than I’d expected) to go order our food.

We spent the beginning of the game in line (Bodegoes is quite popular at games, it seems), but it was well worth it once we got our food. If you have never tried their Coconut Chicken Green Curry, you are missing out.

Bodegoes lineup

The game itself was wonderful. I had long ago forgotten the rules of baseball, and even now I don’t really get what an “error” is. But I followed along well enough to appreciate the skill of our Goldeyes.

A better game couldn’t have been scripted in a movie. We were behind for the majority of the game, having lost three runs to the Explorers in the first inning. But in the final inning, the Goldeyes tied it up, then proceeded to win in a dramatic flourish at the end. I left feeling satisfied.

We found that we preferred watching the game standing closer to the home plate. Not only were we sheltered from the harsh wind, but we could see the players in crisper detail.

pitcher dance

Our pitcher has a lovely attitude derriere.

I learned last night that baseball isn’t the humdrum I thought it would be. My brother rightly described it as “bursts of athleticism”. The waiting for play to begin is totally worth it when things pan out. I am sure I will be going back for more (Goldeyes AND Bodegoes) this summer.