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Campus Living

Security to the rescue

August 5, 2013

This building has the best security guards ever.

My boyfriend has spent some time here, so the guards have gotten to know us pretty well.

We were hanging out in my room on Saturday, when one of the guards we see on a regular basis came knocking on my door. He had run up to tell us that Rylaan’s car was being towed from in front of the building.

Rylaan ran down to find a parking dude in front of his car. There was no tow truck, but there was a $30 ticket on his windshield. The Man gave him a lecture about parking for longer than the 2 hour limit, and then he was off to find another victim.

Not only were we surprised that our security had taken the time to try to save our car, but we were also surprised that he knew what Rylaan’s car looked like. These guys are super attentive, and every day they impress me with their positivity.

I think that in the future, I will profile some of our dedicated security personnel, so you can all learn what makes them the coolest in town.

Rylaan’s car was very important to us today, when we ventured out to IKEA.

Winnipeg received its IKEA in the fall last year – a mark of our success, perhaps. The initial rush of people to the store was daunting, so I decided to wait a few months before I went for a visit. But then life got busy…

I spoke on my professional blog about how much work I got out of Fringe. The experience of finding so many enthusiastic clients has made me realize how important it is to have a central place to work that is relevant to my field. In other words, I am looking for office space in the Exchange.

My search led me to a few possibilities, like this one. Many of the opportunities were tempting…

But then I remembered PO-MO Inc.

An instant message to Meghan Athavale of PO-MO Inc was all that was necessary to secure a corner of an office for an unbeatable fee. Meghan is a golden-hearted individual whose work spans software development to party visuals. My videos helped launch her business a couple of years ago, so she is happy to take me in.

I’ll be moving into their space very soon. But first, I need a desk. Not just that – I need a specific kind of desk from IKEA, one that matches PO-MO’s decor.

Since the city was pretty dead due to the holiday, today was a perfect day to drive to IKEA and grab the desk I need. It just barely fit into Rylaan’s car, but we made it into the PO-MO office in one piece.

I’m almost ready for my new workplace in the Exchange!