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Campus Living

Some sevens on 7/7

July 7, 2013

Today is the seventh day of the seventh month. That is an arbitrary enough occurrence for me to make a list of seven things. Actually, I’ll make two.

Seven curiosities about my two-bedroom room:

1. There is a motion sensor that switches off the lights after half an hour or so of inactivity. Handy for when I leave and forget to turn it off (my family will agree that I do this rather often), but many a writing session has been interrupted by my having to wave my hands around and get out of my chair. Maybe it’s a sign I need to get up more.

2. My door has a deadbolt that just spins forever. That is not to say that the door is unlocked – the card key locks it automatically (so no, you can’t steal my stuff). But this additional lock seems to be purely decorative, at least for now.

3. The bathroom has no cabinets or places to put things, and the sink is teeny. At first, I thought this was cute. Now, I have trouble fitting soap and a tube of toothpaste on my sink.

4. Each room comes with a desk, which comes with a small locked filing cabinet. One of the filing cabinets opens, while the other does not. I moved the locked filing cabinet over to the bathroom, where it acts as a pedestal for all the things I can’t fit around my sink (see #3 above).

5. The shower door opens into the towel rack, meaning I have to awkwardly reach around the shower door while trying not to drip water everywhere. I’m getting used to this, but I may just hang my towel on the shower door itself.

6. Whenever I awake, I hear a noise that sounds like the shower is running. I get paranoid that someone has snuck into my room to use the shower. This is not the case…. so far.

7. The bed headboards seem to be attached to the wall. So, if you move the bed, you leave a big chunk of wood. It looks silly.

Seven things that are wicked about my room:

1. The most amazing design decision ever: there is a light switch ABOVE THE BED. I don’t even need to get up to turn off the light. I can be as lazy as I want! Hooray!

2. The kitchenette is extremely useable. I have seen cupboards elsewhere that are too high for a shorty like me to use – these are well-placed. Also, the amount of counter space is perfect for what I need it for.

3. A full fridge?? Awesome. I stocked it full of beer, like a true college student.

4. The toilet is one of those water-saving ones. It doesn’t use much water. Sometimes it feels like you’re peeing into an abyss, but I am happy to conserve water.

5. High ceilings, big windows! This place may only be 400 or 500 square feet, but it feels huge. Plus the windows open.

6. Roomy wardrobes. I fit all my clothing in there! Do you believe it? I hardly do!

7. Air conditioning that works. I sometimes take this for granted, since my father is an HVAC professional, but I know that some apartment buildings struggle to keep their temperatures liveable. A/C is a must-have to battle Winnipeg’s sweltering summer weather, and I am so thankful that I can live here comfortably.