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Illegal microwaves!

July 4, 2013

I never lived in residence when I was a student, and I am learning that there is big difference from this place and a regular apartment.

It is ironic that a residence attached to a Culinary Arts school has a policy against heat-generating appliances in the dorm rooms. Also, there is no shared kitchen. If I were studying cooking, how would I do my cooking homework without even a hot plate?

I am being a little sarcastic – surely, the students here must be tired of cooking at the end of the day. But this residence is open for students ANYWHERE to stay, whether they are at Red River College, the University of Winnipeg, or Robertson College (these are all schools within the immediate vicinity). So, for those of us who don’t spend our days preparing food, it is a little frustrating that we aren’t able to do so in our rooms.

Apparently the official rules say we can’t even have microwaves in our rooms, but when you move in, there will be a microwave ready for you. I think that maybe the Campus Living office means I shouldn’t bring a second microwave, or have one in the bedroom of the double rooms (like the one in which I live). Even so, let me tell you, it would be nice to have even a toaster oven. I’d love to eat my own toast instead of having to go downstairs.


Illegal microwave? I think maybe I’m just not supposed to bring my own.

The residence gives you a meal plan with your room, which allows you to partake in Culinary Exchange‘s meals (a restaurant that is open to the public as well). The food smells great, and the prices for breakfast are the lowest I’ve seen in the Exchange district. This interesting arrangement is meant to prevent any chance of fire in a student’s room while simultaneously driving business to Culinary Exchange.

I think if I was fresh out of high school, still new to adulthood, I would not be bothered by the inability to cook. When I was 18, I lived off of Kraft Dinner and Campbell’s tomato soup (both of which I can make with this microwave). However, one of my goals for this summer was to learn to cook healthier food, and I can see this foiling my plans. At least there are healthy options in the area.

I was in a bit of a tight spot this week because the IT at RRC had trouble setting me up with my identification (system maintenance, I heard), which made it impossible for me to get a meal plan set up. So, no cooking, and no meal plan. Thankfully, there is a Farmer’s Market every Thursday at the Hydro Building, about ten blocks away. I am really excited to go find fresh produce today, so that I can make salads and sandwiches and other cold dishes. Another of my goals this summer was to eat locally produced food, so this new Farmer’s Market is going to help me achieve that goal.

My friend Miles has started an Eat and Learn series out of his home just out of the downtown area. It’s an informal, DIY approach to sharing knowledge. Last weekend, he made us a full vegetarian Indian meal while we all learned to use Photoshop.


A fantastic vegetarian banquet. Miles knows his spices. (My iPhone camera doesn’t do this justice)

I requested that he teach me some recipes for cold dishes, and so this weekend he’s going to show me how to make a cold Spanish soup. All I need to track down now is a blender.

So, while having no stove or oven seemed at first to be a bit depressing, I know that I can eat salads and things until my meal plan gets set up (it could even be ready by the end of the day). Then, I can truly experience life here in residence.

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I just found this post on Reddit, and it is making me rethink my decision to grow up and stop eating KD.