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Donor Community

Thank you to our donors for a record-breaking year of Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries!

June 11, 2021

Because of your support, Red River College (RRC) has been able to provide $5,104,509.45 directly to students in need during the 2020/2021 fiscal year – that’s more than any year in the College’s history. These funds were provided to more than 1,700 deserving students in the form of Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries.

Thank you to the many alumni, staff, donors and community members who generously donated to help students in what has been a challenging and uncertain year. Your kindness has helped students overcome financial barriers so they can be successful in their studies, and carry a sense of pride as they enter their careers.

A special thank you to the donors who participated in the Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative (MSBI) matching program this past March. During that month, MSBI matched scholarship and bursary gifts on a 1:1 ratio – doubling the amount of funds we could provide to students. Because of this one-time matching incentive, RRC received an incredible $2,447,950 from the provincial government.

Thank you again to our incredible community of donors – your support truly makes a difference in the lives of students at Red River College.

“I would like to thank you for this award. I’ve been struggling to find a way to pay for my schooling. It’s been a very stressful situation for me, especially the thought that I may have to ask family members to borrow large sums in order to pay for my next tuition. That’s why it was such an amazing surprise to see the email that I received this award. I teared up immediately as it has taken a huge load off my shoulders. I am very passionate about Nursing and am so thankful for the opportunity to continue in my program without worry of being unable to pay for tuition and textbooks.

I want to sincerely thank you for this opportunity and assure you that this bursary will not be wasted. Thank you for all you do in allowing us students to continue in our education.”

-2020/21 award recipient

We’d like to recognize the following donors for their contributions to the MSBI 2020/21 Matching program:

A. Cowell

Advertising Association of Winnipeg


Aileen Najduch

Alexis Reeves

Alisa Ramrattan and Christine Watson

Allison Peterson

Alyssa Malenchak

Anne MacVicar

Arden Mills ULC

Arlene Joanne Sawicz

Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd.

Arnold Kolaski

ASM International Manitoba Chapter

Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors

BakeMark Canada

Barbara Forsyth

Barbara McCandless

Barbara Parsons

Beach Rocke Engineering Ltd.

Bell Media Radio Winnipeg

Bernice Fanning

Beverley Emes-Macklin

Bill Kerwin

Bird Construction Company

Boeing Canada Operations Ltd

Brayden Robb

Broadcasters Association of Manitoba

Bruno Carvalho Rivas

Bryan C Collier

C. Dudley Hill

C.K. Machine Tool & Industrial Supply

C.P. Loewen Foundation

Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories

Canadian Culinary Federation – Winnipeg Branch

Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society – Manitoba Chapter

Canadian Institute of Steel Construction

Canadian Public Relations Society – Manitoba Chapter

Carolyn Schmidt

Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba Inc.

Certified Technicians and Technologists Association of Manitoba Inc.

Cheryl Ryczkowski

Christiane & Charles LaFleche

Christine Watson

Clinton E. Wilmot

Community Foundation of Portage and District

Concord Projects Foundation

Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

Conor Lloyd

Craig Rowbotham

Cynthia Boughen

Cynthia Hacking

Dale H. Kendel

Damien Goodridge

Dan Moroz

Darlene Funk

Dave Kemp

David and Joan Rew

David Brand

David Pinchuk

De Jonckheere Family

Dean Gagne

Deanna Muller

Deanne Spiegel

Debbie Reeves

Denis and Gwen Sutton

Dennis Curle

Derek Kochenash

Diane Ramrattan

Dilla Narfason

Dilly Brodovsky

Donald Carlson

Dorothy Davidson

Dorothy Ford

Dynamic Machine Corporation

Edward Payne

Electrical Association of Manitoba

Elena Grinshteyn

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba

Erik Von Der Behrens

Ernst Hansch Construction Ltd.

Flávio Raphael dos Santos

Flynn Canada Ltd.

Francesca and Tony Creta

Frank Patterson Foundation

Fred and Elaine Meier

Garland Commercial Ranges

Gary Coleman

Gene Haas Foundation

Geoffrey Chambers

George and Adele Rohulych

Germiphene Corporation

Gerry & Barb Price

Glenn and Norma Baldwin

Gordon Mackie

Greg Burch

Guy Dugas

Guy Prokopetz

Halee Fayerman

Heather Mauthe

Helen Miller

Hesam Aminian

Hope Montess

Horatio Alger Association of Canada

Howard R. Engel

Hubert Bonin


Hydro-X Club – Winnipeg Chapter

IATSE Local 856 Film Technicians Union


Industrial Truck Service Ltd.

International Scholarship and Tuition Services Inc.

Irene and Gerry Varnes

Isabel Bright

Jaime Manness

James and Brenda Nykoluk

Janice and Bob McWilliams

Janis Thiessen

Jason Miller

Jean J. Burrows

Jean Lynas

Jean-Marc Joseph Blanc

Jeannine Paradis

Jeff Doneza

Jeff Frank

Jillian Schofield

Jing Jing

John and Geraldine Coyne

John Graeb

John Lu

Judy McGuirk

Julie Rachuk

Karen Thorlakson

Katrina Sklepowich

Keith Houndle

Keith Walker

Ken Burns

Kerri Korabelnikov

Kevin Dearing

Kevin Hines and Shelly Smith-Hines

Keystone Projects Ltd.

Krista Giesbrecht

Kristen Guy

L Dreger

Lauren Parsons

Leon Fainstein

Les Marmitons Winnipeg

Leslie Tsai

Leslie Walsh

Lewis Instruments Ltd.

Library Technicians Division of the Manitoba Library Association

Lois Edwards

Lori Lobchuk

Lorrie Kratzer

Louis Rodkin

Lucien Lussier

Lynne Squair

Macdonald Youth Services

Magellan Aerospace


Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corp.

Manitoba Dental Assistants Association

Manitoba Dental Association

Manitoba Good Roads Association

Manitoba Home Builders’ Association

Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.

Manitoba Pork Council

Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association

Manitoba School Improvement Program Inc.

Manitoba Society of Artists

Manitoba Teachers’ Society

Manitoba Trucking Association

Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association

Manitoba Veterinary Technologist Association

Marc Da Silva

Marilyn and John Kenny

Mark Brzuskiewicz

Marymound Inc.

Mavis McRae

Melanie Gudmundson

Melody and Rod Penner

Michael Morawski

Mid-Canada Marine and Powersports Dealers Association

Mike Kolo

Mike Van Dam

Morden Area Foundation Inc.

Nadine Ogborn

Naomi Cohen

Nathan Koop

Nicole Coulson

OnWard Investments Ltd.

Paraskevi Ginakes

Pat and Bill Reid

Patricia Fraser

Peerless Garments

Pepsi Cola Beverages Ltd.

Peter Wut

Petline Insurance

Powerland Computers

Project Management Institute – Manitoba Chapter

Raj Kulathungam

Registered Veterinary Technologists and Technicians of Canada

Rick Pelletier

Riva Harrison

Robert & Beverley Barr

Robert and Janet Okabe

Roberta Anderson

Ron Blicq

Rose Marie Hess

Rotary Club of Portage la Prairie

Royal Canadian Legion District No. 6

RRC Students’ Association

Russell Hendrix Food Equipment Ltd.

Ryan McBride


Sandvik Coromant Canada


Scotiabank Group

Seven Oaks General Hospital

Sharon Brodovsky

Shelley Tallin

Shellon P. Williams

Sheryl Stern

Shirley and Tom Strutt

Shirley Muir

Shirley Shaley

Sid Brodovsky and Cary Shafir

Sinclair Dental Co. Ltd.


Stephanie Cyr, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Consulting Inc.

Stephen Franklin

Steve Blayney and Associates LTD

Steven Blayney and Roberta Lowry

Steven Lipischak

Steven Onyschak

Stu and Heather Charles

Sunstar Americas, Inc.

Susan Harrison

T. Kent Morgan

Teresa Fox

Teresa Menzies

Tess Newton Financial Services Inc.

The Fairmont Winnipeg

The Farquharson Foundation

The Glenboro Area Foundation Inc.

The Happy Cooker

The Leonard Foundation

The Princess Auto Foundation

The Walter and Maria Schroeder Foundation

The Winnipeg Foundation 

Tony Hajzler

Toromont Industries

Tracy Cappello

Travis Paul

UFCW Local 832

Universities Canada

University Women’s Club of Winnipeg–Scholarship Trust

Veryl Tipliski

Wawanesa Insurance

Western Corporate Solutions Ltd.

Wilhelm C. Miller

WOW Hospitality Inc.

Yvette and Dave Slobodian

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