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Message from the President and Board Chair

Join RRC Polytech’s In Front of What’s Ahead Campaign

With our eyes on the horizon, we stand ready to move the province forward economically, socially, and culturally—by working on the cusp of what Manitoba’s workforce needs next. 

Fred Meier, President and CEO, RRC Polytech

As Manitoba’s only polytechnic, we play a pivotal role in equipping students with real-world skills and certifications, training on new technologies, and creative and critical thinking skills. We prepare graduates to contribute to the workforce on day one and be poised for leadership opportunities in the future. 

For more than 80 years we’ve been developing the job-ready graduates that employers need by responding nimbly and meaningfully to changes in the market force. But the past decades have introduced new challenges, from technological disruption to social and environmental change. Today, disruption is occurring faster and more frequently than ever before, and it demands an urgent and agile response now to get in front of what’s ahead. In doing so, we must adapt quickly to change. We must reconcile a broken trust in an education system with roots in the colonial past. We must seize on the opportunities that disruption presents so that all learners — including those new to this country and those original to these lands — succeed in a dynamic, vibrant workforce. 

To chart a bold new course for the future – and be well positioned to meet tomorrow’s needs – we are confidently moving forward and launching RRC Polytech’s In Front of What’s Ahead Campaign, which aligns with our 2022-2026 strategic plan of the same name. 

Loren Cisyk, Chair, Board of Governors, RRC Polytech

The campaign has a simple, strategic approach: By leaning into our strengths in polytechnic education, we will grow in pace with the needs of our students, our society, and our economy. This involves:

  • Preparing students in learning environments that replicate a real-world pace of change, so they are learning on the latest equipment and in similar conditions to real workplaces
  • Growing our outstanding community of instructors, who have the experience and research acumen to translate knowledge and provide career guidance that best reflects Manitoba’s emerging labour market opportunities
  • Building our capacity to deliver applied solutions-focused research that can help Manitoba stay steps ahead of upcoming changes—positioning us for global success in the decades ahead
  • Embedding Truth and Reconciliation, as wellas equity, diversity, and inclusion into every aspect of our work

We call on the RRC Polytech Community for your Support! 

Through the support of our community and valued relationships with more than 750 professionals and industry leaders who power the province, we know we can achieve great things together for students, employers, and the Manitoba economy.

Students, employees, business partners and community stakeholders have already joined forces to help shape the 2022-2026 strategic plan, on which this campaign is founded. We are so grateful to our partners for the passion and hard work that went into developing this roadmap for change. 

Now, all of Manitoba stands to gain from supporting and investing in RRC Polytech’s vision. That’s why we’re inviting all Manitobans to take part in this campaign — the most far-reaching fundraising initiative in our history. 

We urge our community to come together once again to bring the strategic vision to reality by supporting the In Front of What’s Ahead Campaign and ensuring RRC Polytech fulfils its unique role in Manitoba’s labour market. 

Your support will create the change we want and need in this province — change that drives economic vitality and vibrancy to our quality of life. 

Transforming today’s workforce into a force for change!

Our campaign priorities are informed by a broad stakeholder engagement process and are in alignment with our strategic plan. We have identified three priority areas that represent where RRC Polytech is best positioned to address Manitoba’s labour market needs, helping learners and leaders in Manitoba’s workforce stay in front of what’s ahead. 

  1. Enhance student life
    To position RRC Polytech as a first-choice institution for learners
  2. Transform our spaces
    To keep pace with the rate of change of our businesses and societies
  3. Amplifying our impact
    To attract instructors and researchers in-tune with an ever-changing economy, and better support our partners. 

Meeting these priorities will better prepare us to embrace disruption and protect our economy and our climate, and will allow RRC Polytech to grow in the years ahead. Indigenous perspectives on sustainability and stewardship remind us of the importance of making decisions that have a positive impact on the next seven generations.

How to contribute to the In Front of What’s Ahead Campaign

Every donation – no matter how big or small – will have a direct impact on students at RRC Polytech. Donate online today, or email to connect with one of our fundraising team members.

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Take the next step forward with us and make change happen now. We know we can count on you to help us lead the way. 

Fred Meier
President and CEO
RRC Polytech 

Loren Cisyk
Chair, Board of Governors
RRC Polytech 

RRC Polytech campuses are located on the lands of Anishinaabe, Ininiwak, Anishininew, Dakota, and Dené, and the National Homeland of the Red River Métis.

We recognize and honour Treaty 3 Territory Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, the source of Winnipeg’s clean drinking water. In addition, we acknowledge Treaty Territories which provide us with access to electricity we use in both our personal and professional lives.

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