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Culinary Exchange

PGI Culinary Exchange May 03-07

May 3, 2021

Please click on this header and scroll down for details on what other labs will be providing throughout the week.


Due to recent health restrictions the Culinary Exchange will only be offering take-out service at this time.  We will not accept cash payment.  Thank you for your patience.


Short Order Lab will be open for breakfast Thursday and Friday, and lunch on Friday.  The breakfast menu can be found here and the lunch menu can be found here.

The Global Cuisine Lab will be closed until September.


You can now pre-order from the Short Order and Global Kitchens through our online ordering app, located on this page at

Product list is based on curriculum and may vary.  We can not guarantee the availability of any product.


The  Garde Manger Lab will be closed until September.


The following items will be available from the Baking Labs this week:

-Bread Pudding

-Blanc Mange

-Panna Cotta

-Coconut Rice Pudding

-Crème Brulee

-Crème Caramel

-Pot de Crème


-Sausage Rolls

-St Honoré

-Diplomat Slice


The following items will be available from the Basic Food Prep Lab this week:

-French Onion Soup

-Mushroom Barley Soup

-Clam chowder

-Sweet and Sour Sauce


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