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Culinary Exchange

PGI Culinary Exchange February 5 – 9, 2018

February 5, 2018

Due to the Hospitality Insider Exchange being hosted at Paterson GlobalFoods Institute on Wednesday, February 7, there will be grab’n’go lunch service only and very limited seating. Breakfast service will be available as usual on this day from 7:30am to 10:30am.

The Short Order Lab (Restaurant Cooking) will be providing breakfast service Monday through Friday and lunch service Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  The Breakfast menu can be found here. The Lunch menu is available here.

The Global Cuisine Lab will be providing lunch service on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The menu is available here.

The Garde Manger Lab will produce the following this week:

  • Spinach and Butter Lettuce Salad
  • Caesar Salad
  • Asian Chicken Salad
  • Nicoise Salad with Poached Salmon
  • Greek Salad with Poached Prawns
  • Cobb Salad with Chicken
  • Clubhouse Wrap
  • Roast Beef Wrap with Spicy Tomato Chutney
  • Grilled Salmon Wrap with Potato Salad
  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap with Apple Slaw

Items available from the Baking Labs are as follows:

  • Cheddar and Green Onion Biscuits
  • Banana Bread
  • Bran Muffins
  • Biscuits
  • Sour Cream Crumb Cake
  • Lemon Loaf
  • Assorted Cookies
  • Chocolate Brownies
  • Nanaimo Bars
  • Date Squares
  • Pecan Bars
  • Buttertart Bars

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