Corporate training

Corporate Solutions


The pace of change in industry has never been quicker than it is today. In order to navigate the demands of today’s complicated markets, businesses must adapt to find training solutions that are custom fitted and delivered in real time. With your unique needs in mind, our customer-focused approach allows us to design training that will delivery the results you need.


Every organization has its unique training needs. But not every company can meet its own needs with in-house resources. Our corporate solutions professionals will work with you to assess and determine the best way to achieve your goals.


At RRC Polytech, we’ll design and customize a solution to meet your company’s specific needs.


We know that flexibility is crucial when delivering our services. We can develop a training solution that will work for you whether your team is on-site, remote, centralized or distributed. We also offer evening and weekend training alternatives to maximize your employees’ time.


We apply an “evergreen” approach to upgrading our training solutions to ensure quality is maintained and new techniques are developed. Evaluating our students, instructors and curriculum gives us the tools we need to constantly improve.

Quality Applied Learning

As Manitoba’s leading institute of applied learning, Red River College Polytechnic has earned the reputation for delivering quality education through top-notch instructors who are industry-trained and experts in their fields.The College is committed to working with local business and industry to support the growth and development of Manitoba’s economy.

RRC Polytech offers corporate training solutions in a wide range of disciplines, including:

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