English Skills Assessment

Many Red River College programs require you to complete an English Skills Assessment as part of your application.

There are two types of English Skills Assessments possible. One is called the Degrees of Reading Power or the DRP; the other is called the CanTEST.

Please review the information below to determine which assessment is the best choice for you.

NOTE: If you have written an English Skills Assessment in the past, please contact the applicable testing centre below to ensure your score is currently valid and at the required level for your program of interest.

Who should write the DRP?

Consider writing the DRP if you:

  • were born in Canada, or
  • came to Canada at age 12 or younger, or
  • consider English your primary language (Your primary language is the one you know best, are most comfortable with, and use every day when listening, speaking, reading and writing.)

If this sounds like your language background, please register for the Degrees of Reading Power.

Who should write the CanTEST?

Consider writing the CanTEST if:

  • you came to Canada at age 13 or older, or
  • you graduated in Manitoba with “E” designated high school credits (Please note RRC programs do not accept “E” designations for high school credits listed in the admission requirements), or
  • English is not the language you feel most comfortable using.

If this sounds like your language background, please consider registering for the CanTEST.

For Degrees of Reading Power, please register online.

For CanTEST, call the Language Training Centre at 204.945.6151 and then press 2.