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From RRC to True North Sports – A Profile of Mitch Doell, Business Administration Grad

February 24, 2021

Mitch Doell
Manager, Partnership Services for True North Sports + Entertainment (Winnipeg Jets)

My time at Red River College was everything I could have asked for in an education. The course load, instructors, classmates, and course material were extremely beneficial in preparing me for the workforce after graduation. I found that the courses offered in the Business Administration program were very similar to what I have learned at my job at True North, which makes the transition into working full-time easier.

Learning to speak in front of colleagues to present new material, working with the marketing team to track impressions on our social media and website, learning computing programs (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), learning how to talk to clients over the phone and in person are only a few aspects that have helped me in the workforce.

What stands out to me over my time at Red River College that prepared me for a career in business is the course load and actual course material, as mentioned above. I felt like the courses offered prepared me for what I have experienced so far in my time at my current job. Lots of the time people will graduate and move into an occupation and not utilize what they have learned in school. This is not the case when attending and graduating RRC.

Having a tight-knit group of classmates that I spent time with outside of school was very beneficial. Originally being from a town outside of Winnipeg, getting to know peers who have grown up in Winnipeg helped me find job opportunities that I may not have known about otherwise and helped me build connections with possible employers.

If you are looking into enrolling in RRC Business Admin, I would suggest that you most definitely do it. Once you have enrolled and started the program, make sure you use your time wisely and make sure to use your organization skills effectively. Things can get hectic with 6 different courses in a semester so making sure you are organized and attending classes is imperative to one’s success.

The opportunities that the course has presented to me have been invaluable and were a big help in finding my current job. Being a graduate of RRC holds a lot of weight as many employers in Manitoba recognize the skills and education acquired at this school, something I may not have thought too much about at the start. Overall, a fantastic and worthwhile experience.