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Committing is Key – A Profile of Adres Bazin, Business Administration Grad

February 24, 2021

When I first attended RRC I had a goal in mind but didn’t know how to achieve it. Since attending RRC I achieved my goal while moving to Toronto to work in an agency, back to Winnipeg to work at a cannabis start-up, and have started my own marketing agency.

The program is well setup and gives you a clear path to success. You learn all the skills you need and then some, which truthfully prepares you for your career. Although the courses themselves are valuable, the most value comes from the instructors. Instructors at RRC have dozens of years of experience bringing more than just education. You will find many times they will bring theses experiences into the classroom connecting the theory you are learning to real world situations. Many times, I would talk to instructors outside the classroom who were always happy to do so. They willingly answered any questions I had and offered insights, some even offered to be a reference on my resume while offering job opportunities they knew of.

But, the best part of attending RRC is the many opportunities offered outside of the classroom. I participated on the National Marketing Team where we practiced 4 hours every Wednesday for 5-months to prepare for the competition in Montréal. Although we did not win first place, this experience alone improved my skills tenfold. In three hours, the team and I had to investigate a business to identify their core challenge, before we strategized a new marketing plan to help them achieve their goal. It was mentally exhausting, challenging, a pressure cooker and my favorite memory. Between being on the team and balancing the course load, my work ethic and skills sky rocketed.

If I were to offer one piece of advice to anyone attending the program I would say; commitment is key.

The program is very intense, but with enough work, dedication, and passion, anyone can do well. Put in the proper time needed and prepare yourself mentally to work, grow, and face challenges. Commitment goes beyond the classroom, as well, and rewards you for spending additional time in your day to cultivate your skillset. I highly recommend the experiences offered by RRC to bring yourself to as many opportunities possible and gain exposure to the world of business.

Getting into RRC is a vital step in advancing your career and achieving your lifetime goals and aspirations.