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TAIV – Application Enhancements

September 4, 2019

Project Term: Summer 2019

TAIV enables business owners to create, schedule and play their own TV advertisements instead of the commercials that appear during the broadcast. This helps establishments create a targeted audience and drive sales. During the summer term at the ACE Project Space, a team of students completed a number of enhancements to improve the user experience.

Learning about estimation and automated testing

The Business Information Technology and Business Technology Management students on the project learned new tools to help them become better IT professionals. They learned how to estimate workloads by playing planning poker, a fun consensus-based game that helps software teams provide better estimates. To save time on testing and bug fixing, the students learned how to use Cypress and apply it to the project. Cypress helped the team to ensure the old codebase worked with the new code the students introduced.


The team dedicated to TAIV completed the following deliverables during the summer term at the ACE Project Space:

  • Home page redesign
  • Content scheduling and selection
  • My Content page
  • Bug fixes

What our students are saying

“It was a wonderful learning experience while working with this project. We did Sprint planning meeting for every sprint and estimated the amount of work to do in a sprint but later I experienced that sometimes things are not in your hand. So, we faced unexpected delays to accomplish some sprints. At first, we were frustrated but with the time we learned to be patient and always be open minded for uncertainties.” – Ravneet Singh

“It was a very good learning opportunity at project space. I really enjoyed this project and the professional environment that project space provides. I actually worked with real world client, learned how to operate and keep everything on the right track. I learned how to estimate the workload by doing the planning poker, know how to estimate the efficient hours of the team to get the capacity. Although we faced some problems in the beginning of the project, instructors in project space helped us to overcome and gave many helpful advice.” – Man Tran

“The overall experience at the project was great. Having to be given an existing code base and a code review from the client was very helpful. With the code base I learned how to format blocks of code like how the client would code it. Code review with the client is really helpful. Jordan graduated from the U of M course. So when he would criticize the code he would suggest another way to do that is more efficient and would help the site perform better. Not only just how functions should be coded, I also learned other methods to code in React.” – Billy Saengsouvanna

“It was a great time and experience for me to work at ACE Space. The instructors are very friendly and helpful, they motivated and gave me a lot of helpful advice that helped me to stay on track. At ACE Space, I learned React, the most modern and popular JavaScript library, GIT which helps me to manage the project. In addition, I also improved my teamwork and presentation skills that will help me for my future career.” – Quan Nguyen Vu Hoang

“Coming here to project space was a great learning opportunity for me. Having a real client to work for was a great learning experience. He was really helpful throughout the term with the code review and feedback, we also worked on an existing codebase which was a great practice to get us ready for the industry. Having instructors around was also helpful in pointing us in the right direction when I was having some problems with local repository. I had to learn new programs and languages for the project space such as React, Redux, Firebase and many more which I’m sure would be useful for me in the future.” – Francis Cruz

TAIV web site:

Technologies used

  • Zeplin
  • Trello
  • React & Redux
  • Google Firebase
  • Cypress
  • GitHub
  • Bizzagi Modeler
  • Balsamiq




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