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Manitoba Angel Dresses Inventory Website

September 3, 2019

Project Term: Summer 2019

Manitoba Angel Dresses is a volunteer-driven organization whose vision and mission is to ease the stress of families grieving from the loss of their stillborn child. Volunteers create personalized dresses and other clothing items from donated bridal and bridesmaid gowns that are later used for dressing the babies to provide an opportunity for families to share a grieving experience and take photographs to provide a lasting memory. The organization was working with an outdated system for tracking their donation and new creation inventories. ACE Project Space students created a simple web application to improve the user experience of managing the organization’s inventory.

Improvements to manage donations and dress creations

Our students achieved the goal of improving inventory management for Manitoba Angel Dresses by implementing a handful of forms to control the input of each different stage of the organization’s donation process. The index page is a well-catalogued donation list and has many different search functions for sorting the large amount of data held. The students created an easy-to-use drag and drop system for two pages centered around creating and managing groups of inventory, including items such as material donations and new creations.


The students completed the following deliverables for this project:

  • An index page showing all of current donations
  • A donation entry page with a form to enter details associated with the dress donation
  • A stock sheet page that generates a unique inventory entry for each donation
  • A layette and kit page for building unique kits and layettes
  • A basic reporting system on data contained in the inventory system

What our students are saying

“This term has been an essential experience for my future career as a web developer. Working in a team setting is vastly different than working solo, the feedback you receive from your team-mates enhanced my knowledge as a developer.

Our biggest takeaway from the project space is the fact that my group and I created an entire web application from start to finish. This isn’t something a lot of people can say they did, and I’m super proud of the work that my team and I have accomplished. We’ve learned multiple new languages this term that will help us find future work more easily, as well as learn more languages more easily. We’ve made our clients very happy with our work, and will continue to work with them with anything they may need help within the future.” – Dustin Martens

“Work at ACE Project space is a huge valuable experience. There are some opportunities to work with real clients and amazing projects related to IT career industry which is fantastic. As working in a team with other students from BIT and BTM and was guided by well-knowledge instructors, that helped me to understand, learn and master a lot of programming and project management skills. One of my biggest achievements is our web app have been worked as client’s order with well-designed outlook and functionality features to manage their system. It’s actually amazing adventure for this term, and that would be very worthy in my career.” – Phong Ngo

Manitoba Angel Dresses web site:

Technologies used

  • React
  • Meteor
  • MongoDB
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Node Package Manager
  • Atmosphere
  • GIT repositories
  • Robo 3t
Layette Dashboard

Layette Dashboard

Inventory Management Navigation

Inventory Management Navigation

Index Page

Index Page