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Interprofessional Education Session: Nursing and Dental Assistant

April 5, 2018

Nursing students in Techniques 2 recently had an opportunity to take part in an interprofessional education session with the students from the Dental Assistant program.

The Nursing students helped the Dental Assistant students hone their skills at taking blood pressures, and the Dental Assistant students used their table clinic health boards to teach the Nursing students about different aspects of dental hygiene.

This was the second time we have had this interprofessional education session, and it is extremely well received by the students of both faculties. The students get to spend time learning from one another, discovering where their health care knowledge overlaps, and where each has unique knowledge to share.

We hope to continue this valuable partnership in upcoming semesters!

Written by Allyson Cooper – Nursing Instructor

Photos by Allyson Cooper – Nursing Instructor