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Congratulations CAP, IST, BIT on 50th Anniversary!

January 17, 2018

This year the Business Information Technology (BIT) program is celebrating its 50th Anniversary! When the program started in 1968 it was named the Computer Analyst/Programmer program or simply the CAP program as it was widely known. CAP started with tuition fees of $100 for each 5 month term, punch cards, a physical education class and computers that filled an entire room. Years later the program introduced the personal computer, new programming concepts, and a 6 week unpaid practicum.

In 1999 the Information Systems Technology program was created with more technical courses, where CAP concentrated on business courses. The laptop computer was introduced to both CAP and IST and each student rented one for the duration of the program. The IST program allowed students to specialize in streams such as Programming, Electronic Commerce, and Networking and included a mandatory 6 month co-op, where co-op in CAP was optional.

Today the CAP and IST programs have combined to make the Business Information Technology program. The two-year program provides business knowledge along with technical courses, complemented by practical applied training through an industry project or paid co-op work term. The program has been accredited for a number of years by the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS).

Throughout the years many students have come and gone. They are Programmers, Analysts, Managers, Developers, Web Developers, and Network Administrators. They are working at Great West Life, MPI, Bold, Online Business Systems, Government among others. They are working throughout the city, and across the world. They have created your websites, your databases, and your network systems. Our graduates have worked their way from being a programmer in a cubicle, to being President of their own company. They have gone from being a student in the classroom to making their own presentations to thousands of people. The students have made this program what it is today and we are incredibly proud to see the contributions to Information Technology each graduate has made. For our 50th Anniversary we want to celebrate the students and staff and say Thank You.

Throughout this year we will be gathering pictures and stories from alumni and staff. If you have anything to share please email

We will end the celebrations with a big Reunion Dinner for all of our Alumni, Staff and students in November 2018.