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Career Trek 2017

May 18, 2017

It was a great pleasure to be Career trek 1asked to be part of the Career Trek this year, which is hosted by Red River College. This event is geared towards grade 5 and 6 students from rural areas, who come to the college to visit several academic areas.

For the nursing Department, we had the students split up in four stations, and they had to work through related activities.

Station One was Peter Pan, who almost collided with a bird while flying.  When he was trying to avoid the cCreer trek 5ollision, he fell on a tree. So in this scenario, students had to change the dressing on his arm laceration and reapply a tensor to his sprained ankle.

Career trek 2Career trek 4




Station two was a hand washing station using the glow germ gel.

Station three was skeleton bones, and the students had to reconstruct the body from head to toe.

And lastly, Station four was Fiona Shrek who was admitted to the hospital having an asthma attack. For this station, we put our SIM manikin Patty to work and had the students listen to her chest sounds and administer her an inhaler Career trek 3while she spoke and interacted with them.

What a great experience for everyone who took part!
Thank you to everyone who helped out and made this day so memorable for them.