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The Winnipeg App – Consultica

June 13, 2016

IMG_1617_EDITEDLuc Bohunicky and Sergii Us are working with the City of Winnipeg to develop a system to manage multiple city services within a limited number of downloadable apps to allow citizens to easily access the services they are looking for.

Students are working on designing and implementing a single mobile app for the City of Winnipeg and City Services so that Winnipeggers can access information such as 311, Waste Removal, Snow Zone and Hydrometer Readings.

Students are working with senior developers who are training the students to understand all stages of project development so they understand how to develop and deploy large scale projects. Students will gain expertise in building an Android application.

The goal for this semester to create a prototype to show the City of Winnipeg that emulates the full solution.

The team includes Amari Lenarde, Christian Isip and Brett Cann.