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The Wedding Planner App – Penguin + Stone

June 13, 2016

PenguinStoneSmallBrides can spend up to 4 hours a day for up to a year planning their wedding. Penguin and Stone is providing a one stop shop with approved vendors to plan weddings. Couples will be able to plan their entire wedding in only a few hours using the Shopify application that students are creating. The main goal of the site is to expedite the planning of a wedding, but a couple can also use the application to explore the different possibilities for a venue, dress, flowers – or any other aspect of their wedding.

This application will provide a one stop shop for couples planning their wedding. All services related to the wedding event can be searched and booked through this application. A dynamic checklist is completed as the wedding plan is booked and the couple can be notified regarding deadlines for the various aspects of the wedding plan.

The students are creating this application and website utilizing the Shopify platform and most of the code is written in Shopify’s scripting language ‘liquid code’.

The student team includes Sophie Qian, Lan Yao, Daniel Branco and Chris Lopez.


  • Sue Leclair, co-owner of The Pretzel Place
  • Daena Groleau, co-owner Fine Eyes Makeup Artists
  • Robert Lowdon, owner of Robert Lowdon Photography