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Skills Base – William Rae Industries

June 13, 2016

skillsBaseSmallCompany founders Dillon Perron and Kendra Garagan are former competitive swimmers at a national level and they created their company to help recreational and competitive athletes to develop their technical skills. As swimming coaches they recognized an area where it is difficult to track an athlete’s skills as they become more proficient in their sport.

The idea of Skills Base is to create a web based application to help parents, coaches and athletes track and develop athletic skills not only in swimming but a wide range of other athletic events.

skillsBaseWorkSmallStudents are developing a large database and web interface to allow the development of an athlete’s skills to be tracked. The database will not only provide information on the individual athlete but also provide a reporting system to acquire information relevant to make decisions on a team and who may be eligible for more elite competition.

A security component will provide a secure log in system for all users allowing coaches to add and edit statistics and parents and athletes to read the information.

Ultimately, skills base will be marketed to other sports and will be available as a mobile app download.

The team includes Maverick Cove, Patrick Gallagher and Riley Ledyard.