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PanoPlā (phase 2)

September 28, 2015

Screen capture of landing pageTeam Members: Aaron Bao, Cole Denslow, Samara Hoffman (shared)

Goal: Allow anyone to easily upload static digital images (either flat, two-dimensional images or fully spherical 360-degree panoramas) and overlay clickable “hotspots” to create interactive augmented reality “panos” that can be published and shared over the Web.

Deliverables: This is the only project of the three to continue development of an augmented reality (AR) content management and publication platform, PanoPlā, and a Web-based PanoPlā editor that will:

  • allow registered users to upload a variety of digital images (flat or 360-degree) into PanoPlā, thereby converting them into AR-ready scenes that can be combined into collections called panos
  • overlay clickable “hotspots” onto any pano scene using the PanoPlā editor
  • assign categories and tags to panos
  • publish  panos to the Web
  • restrict pano access according to user preferences

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