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Technology Corner Project

August 21, 2015

This is Miguel, one of the three nerds working on the ACE Technology Corner Project. My responsibility in this project so far has been to obtain all the information that is being received while the solar cells are in operation.

The data gets collected from the controller in the main panel by one laptop. There are very interesting types of data or channels being generated, such as:

  •   Pac is the total energy produced and sent to the grid. Watts are the units used for this reading.
  •   Vpv is real time differential potential created by the cells. The units here are Volts.
  •   Ipv is current coming from solar panels. This comes in mA units.

This information will be useful for those interested in researching green technologies. In the following days, the 3 nerds will build a wireless bridge to send the stream of data to a server inside of P414. This will allow Sylvia, to create a website to display the data on a Raspberry Pi web server. Pawan has been putting the finishing touches on a slide presentation to showcase the ACE Technology Corner. Once the project is finished, anyone will be able to use the data for multiple purposes.

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