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Spirit, Soul, and Dialectical Thinking in Adult Learning

July 26, 2015

Abstract: A discussion about spirit and soul in an adult learning scenario should start examining the definition and purpose of adult learning. The approach to this term involves many learning theories such as: behaviorism, humanism, constructivism, and critical theory. In addition, many types of adult learning like: instrumental, communicative, and emancipatory learning (Nesbit, Brigham, Taber, & Gibb, 2013, pp. 95-100). Per instance, if we just consider UNESCO’s focus: “… educational processes, whatever the content…whereby people regarded as adults by the society to which they belong: develop their abilities, enrich their knowledge…turn them in a new…development” (Spencer & Lange, 2014, p. 8). It will be difficult to find the role of the spirit and the soul in such consideration.

Date of Publication: July 2015

Author: Miguel Guzman, Department of Accounting and Computer Education

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