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Panoplā: Weapons of Mass Instruction

May 29, 2015

Screen capture of panoply definitionEnd of Sprint # 3 and our Brazilian BIT students continue to impress. BIT Space Development’s overarching goal is the delivery of gamified 360-degree panoramas, but its framework’s success hinges on the open-ended set of integrated games and activities that it will house and launch. To reach the broadest possible audience, that impressive collection of learning components (or activity types) is being called PanoPlā (pronounced pano play) and will deploy over the Web to any browser or mobile device.

Screen capture of the Ultimate Nullifier flash card

WordPlā, BSD’s vocabulary weapon.

The team built three instructional weapons this week: WordPlā, HatPlā, and OppiaPlā. The first is a flashcard vocabulary game, the second a hangman-style game that draws from the same word decks as WordPlā, and the third embeds point-generating Google Oppia explorations. All three were build as WordPress plugins to compliment the pano theme that was built in Sprint #2 and will be available for download sometime this summer. Mobile app versions of the games are anticipated to be ready shortly thereafter.

Photo of PlāBoy


Soon, anyone with a mobile device will be able to install the greatest vocabulary weapon in the universe! Stay tuned.