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Academic News


August 28, 2012


  This is a note the Teacher Education Department received from an alumni who acquired his Technical Vocational Diploma: International  in the Enhancing TEVET Outcomes (ETO) Project. Nelson continued on to University of Malawi successfully completing a Bachelors’ degree and sent the following note:

“Greetings from your former COHORT “A” student in Malawi. I just want to let you know that The MIGHTY Red River College Diploma earned me an entry into University of Malawi and I passed my Bachelors’ Degree in Technical Education. Next, I am pursuing a Mecatronics Diploma Course in Automobile right here, pending final exams in December this 2012.”

“I always remember you honourable mentors for the great wisdom pumped in us that propels me to date. My caliber had trembled making me surmount any educational obstacle. Hostly speaking, you really sharpened us and I can see myself riding to further heights should the opportunity arises.”

Convey my Warm regards to Sir and Mrs. Don Rencz, Ms Janis Hamm.

I should visit you in my life time should the opportunity befall on me.

May God Bless. Nelson Solomon Nyalugwe