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Walk like a Penguin to prevent falls on ice

January 6, 2015

Did you know that in 2014 we had 8 “Slips and Falls” at RRC?

boy and penguin on iceNot all of those were ice related, but, whether you are at an RRC Campus, or anywhere else, here are a few tips to prevent Slips and Falls on ice.

1. Walk slowly and carefully when you walk across the parking lot to your building
2. Take short, deliberate steps in which the mid-foot strikes the ground first, not the heel
3. Change direction carefully when walking on slippery surfaces
4. Be aware that black ice can look like wet pavement
5. Be cautious of new snow that may be covering icy patches
6. Ensure your footwear has good tread and is appropriate for cold or wet snow
7. Keep your hands free for balance
8. Don’t carry loads where you can’t see where you are walking
9. Watch where you are walking, don’t text and walk at the same time
10. Avoid climbing over snow banks, look for an alternate route to walk
11. Be careful when getting in or out of your vehicle, look for icy patches where you park, face the vehicle, use it for support
12. Use hand rails when available
13. Wipe / shake off snow from your shoes on the mats when you enter the building to avoid getting the floors wet
14. Be aware that stairs and floors may be wet so use caution

Our Grounds staff does a great job in keeping the parking lot and walkways cleared of snow at NDC, but, we live in a difficult climate, and weather conditions do not always make things easy for them. We need to take precautions where ever we go whether at work or somewhere else.

Do not become a statistic this winter. Avoid those Slips and Falls.

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