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Vacation Planning

November 7, 2013


Its that time of year! The leaves have fallen, we’ve quickly changed into our parkas and mittens, and most importantly the thoughts of a winter vacation at a warm destination are filling our dreams….. Here are a few resources to make that dream a reality:

  • First things first, if you are an adventure traveller you are usually thinking about destinations that are not usually for the faint of heart!These are also likely destinations where the Canadian Government has issued travel warnings – best to check first at Even if you aren’t thinking about trekking through North Africa, there could be a regional advisory for the country you are planning on visiting. Some Caribbean countries have regional advisories you might not be aware of, but usually they are along borders and away from the popular destinations.
  • You have the destination! Now what kind of traveller are you? If you’ve visited any of the popular tropical destinations, accessible via Winnipeg, you’ve likely stayed in an all-inclusive resort. Why not try a vacation rental this time around and live like a local? Sites like AirBnB and Trip Advisor Vacation Rentals manage listings of private homes around the world. Need a little more adventure? Try a tour with options ranging from 5 star lodges to camping out under the stars. Taking an organized tour with a reputable company is a sure way to immerse yourself in the culture of the country you are visiting. Browse through hundreds of opportunities with Adventure Centre, a Canadian tour broker that promotes only reputable tour companies. Many tour companies cater to families too!

  • After all this planning it would be unwise to not protect your investment in paradise (as well as protect your well-being). INSURANCE, INSURANCE, INSURANCE! RRC staff have access to the Global Medical Assistance Program and Out-Of Country Emergency Care, but this doesn’t cover non-medical trip interruption and lost baggage. And depending on where you go, and what you plan on doing, you may want to get additional coverage. Scuba dive trip? Check out DAN diving insurance and many other providers.
  • The flight….. the part of the whole trip that you either enjoy or dread. How can you get into vacation mode when your neighbour is sleeping and drooling on your shoulder, when the aisle pacers constantly bump you with their rear ends, AND did you fail to request that you NOT be seated in the apparent nursery that is the 3 rows to the front and back of you?! Breathe…. here are some tips to make that flight comfortable for you and those around you.
  • YOU ARE FINALLY THERE! Take this time for rest, reflection, and quality time with yourself and/or family. Did you load some new books on your e-reader? Is your iPod charged and loaded with the requisite vacation playlist? Have you read and earmarked your travel guides? Remember that your vacation is the opportunity to turn off the distractions of work and responsibilities – don’t take calls unless they are emergencies and don’t read your email unless it is vacation related….just turn off….

Enjoy planning you vacation!