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Monday Mash – Wellness Links – July 29

July 22, 2013

Summer seems to be disappearing before our very eyes. But I urge you to ignore those “Back to School” sales – look away, people, just look away! Instead, let’s focus on the fabulous month of August and all the summer we have yet to savour! On this last Monday of July, I’m thinking about three of the things I love most about summer.


I love food. I love festivals. So what greater joy is there than a food festival? Find out how communities across the country are spreading the joy – The Globe & Mail has listed the best food festivals in Canada. Clearly, the list is not complete (Morden corn and apples, anyone?) so feel free to add a comment and give your own recommendations!

The trouble with festivals is learning how to enjoy them without bursting out of all my summer skirts! Here is some dandy advice for healthy eating at festivals, without taking away the yum factor. After reading, stay awhile and browse the rest of the SoulMateFood wisdom.


Whether it be for one day or for two weeks, a good roadtrip can be a refreshing break for the brain, body and soul. I admire the spirit of this fellow transplant to Manitoba. Read about her experiences beyond the perimeter and get inspired to fall in love with your province all over again (or perhaps for the first time!) through some Manitoba roadtrippin’. Linger around this blog and read some of the more recent posts, especially the “All-Food Edition”. It made me salivate on the spot to read about the local treats and eats we are privvy to in this great province. Ah, a Manitoban blogger after my own heart!


There’s nothing like reading a good book in a swinging hammock on a warm summer day. Yet to do so often brings me that guilty feeling of being unproductive – especially when my poor sweaty husband has to mow the grass around and under the hammock I occupy. Will he honour my request to bring me another glass of iced tea? I think not. But take heart, book lovers, according to The Greatist Team we are doing the world a favour – reading makes us better, more empathetic friends! It works – I truly do understand how my husband feels as he struggles to create a beautiful yard for my reading pleasure. So NOW can I have that iced tea, dear?