Rules and Etiquette

  1. Informed consent forms must be signed prior to use of facilities;
  2. Loan or use of another members card will result in the removal of membership;
  3. Indoor athletic shoes, athletic pants or shorts and shirts must be worn at all times;
  4. Jeans or shirtless attire is not allowed;
  5. Open-toed shoes, sandals, sock feet or work boots are not permitted;
  6. Non-marking shoes only are permitted in the gymnasium;
  7. Respect a 30-minute limit on all cardio equipment during peak times;
  8. All cardio and weight equipment must be wiped down after use;
  9. Weight machines must be shared at all times; please yield to others between sets;
  10. Show respect for equipment, facilities, and personnel at all times. Do not drop or throw weights;
  11. Bars are to be stripped of weights after use with weights returned to their proper place; please don’t drop dumbbells or free weight bars;
  12. Use spotters and collars when necessary;
  13. Personal belongings are not allowed in the gym or fitness facilities. Please use locker rooms;
  14. No gum, food, tobacco or glass bottles are allowed in the facility;
  15. Personal music must be kept at a level inoffensive to others;
  16. Please report unsafe/broken equipment and incidents/accidents to desk personnel immediately;
  17. Unacceptable behaviour, such as spitting, foul language, use of chalk and monopolizing piece(s) of equipment is not allowed;
  18. Food or open drinks, other than water, are not allowed;
  19. Change rooms are to be vacated fifteen (15) minutes after official closing time;
  20. Conducting solicitation for personal business is prohibited (ie. personal trainers);
  21. Only certified and Red River College Polytechnic approved individuals may conduct personal training sessions.

Mobile Devices and Photography

  • The use of cell phones, tablets, and similar electronic devices, photography of any kind, video recording or other digital image capturing is not permitted in any locker room or other change room area, restrooms, showers, fitness areas, or gymnasium.
  • Permission for photography or video recording must be granted in advance and may be denied.