Membership Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to use the recreation and fitness facilities at RRC Polytech?

Membership prices vary based on whether you are a student, alumnus, associate or community member. See details ›

Why do I have to bring my RRC Polytech ID card to the gym every time?

We are required to track the number of people who are using the facility for both safety and evaluation purposes.

Why can’t I take my bag into the gym or fitness facility?

Bringing your bag into the facility is a safety hazard. It also increases the chances of theft. Free day lockers are provided for your safety and security.

Why do I have to wear a full t-shirt and not just a tank top or sports bra?

Shirts should cover full chest and back to prevent MRSA, ringworm and other bacteria being passed from skin to pad/mat contact. In addition, shirts lacking the appropriate coverage can contribute to excessive sweat and moisture which can damage equipment. 

Why can’t I drink sports drinks or shakes when I am working out or using the gym?

Water, if spilled, will dry up easily while sports drinks, smoothies, etc. tend to be sticky and hard to clean when in cracks, panels and electronic parts. Therefore drinks other than water may cause damage to the equipment. 

Will I have to wait to use equipment?

During peak hours, there is a 30-minute limit on high-demand cardiovascular equipment. Depending on the time of day you exercise, there might be a short wait for certain equipment.

What do I do if I have lost or forgotten my RRC Polytech ID card?

If you forget your card, you must sign in at the Customer Service Desk with photo ID. Any lost card must be replaced by visiting the Student Service Centre.

Why is there a charge for some group fitness classes?

In an effort to keep membership rates and student fees as low as possible, only members who attend certain programs are charged for these. 

Where is the Lost and Found?

If you have left a personal item at one of our facilities, please see the Customer Service Desk staff for assistance. Clothing and items of a smaller value ($25 or less) are kept in our lost & found. Once a month, the lost & found is packed up and unclaimed items are donated to charity. Items of a greater value are given to Security Services.

Why can’t I wear street clothes to work out?

These articles of clothing may have buttons, zippers, or rivets that can damage the equipment. 

Can I bring in my own personal trainer?

No, personal trainers who are not contracted by RRC Polytech are prohibited from doing business in our facilities. 

Where can I use my cell phone?

For your safety, privacy, and the respect of others, turn off your cell phone or set it to silent/vibrate mode. You may use your cell phone only in the lobby.

Can I take photos or video in the facilities?

No photographs or video shall be taken within our facilities. The intent of this policy is to maintain respect for the rights and privacy of members by preventing pictures without their consent. Individuals wishing to take pictures or use a video recording device in our facilities must have approval from the Manager or designate.

I want to put up posters or handout flyers in the facilities, can I?

All posters and flyers must be submitted to the front desk for the Manager/designate to approve. Items displayed in areas other than the designated bulletin boards will be removed. Advertisements will not be displayed at front counters.