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Learn Self Defense Skills: New Class at NDC

February 5, 2024

Learn practical self defense techniques in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Gain confidence and fitness while adding tools and techniques to the martial arts toolkit.

Topics to be explored include effective movement and striking theory, range strategy, defense against weapons, neutralizing the grappling attack. Come for one class, come for them all or drop in when you can. No previous experience necessary to join. This class is open to all students and staff and is free of charge.

REGISTER – Notre Dame Campus: Thursdays, March 7 to April 4, 2024, 4:15pm to 5:15pm, in North Gym side court.

Taught over five independent workshops, a person can attend any single class and gain benefit. However, cumulative attendance yields synergistic benefit with the goal of improving confidence in multiple self defense situations after five (5) hours of classwork.

Full physical participation is encouraged, but observer-participants are also welcome. Observers can add to the discussion and improve the mental component of self defense without engaging physically or while sitting out specific exercises.

Each class will cover a range of self defense theory and concepts. Previously-trained or untrained individuals can add mantis tools to the toolbox. A portion of each class will incorporate self defense questions from the group.

Class Outline:

  • Class 1 Introduction to: “Finding Safety” “Range” “The Fence” – Warm up, breath work, basic movement practice, escape training, wrist escape skills, knife skills 1, knife disarm 1.
  • Class 2 Introduction to: “Duck & Dodge” “Cross Block” – Warm up, breath work, basic movement practice, escape training, knife skills 2, knife disarm 2.
  • Class 3 Introduction to: “Circle-Line” “Universal Block” – Warm up, breath work, knife skills 3, knife disarm 3.
  • Class 4 Introduction to: “Roman Numeral V” – Warm up, breath work, stick dodge, stick skills 1, stick disarm 1.
  • Class 5 Introduction to: “Strike-Block” – Warm up, breath work, basic movement, strike-block, stick skills 2, stick disarm 2.

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