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Buddy Up Therapy Dog Event

June 7, 2022

Buddy Up is a suicide prevention campaign created for men by men, encouraging us to have conversations with our buddies and to find ways to support our friends if they are struggling with thoughts of suicide. Unfortunately, there are often barriers to individuals feeling comfortable discussing their mental health. These barriers like fear of judgment, expectations surrounding gender roles, or simply not knowing where to reach out can leave people feeling alone and isolated. So, for June, we are highlighting and encouraging a conscious effort to reach out and check in with friends in your circle. 

Men are often socialized to internalize their experiences of stress and emotional pain. This can contribute to learning to cope without a support system or using harmful behaviours to cope. Sometimes men turn to suicide instead of seeking support from others or receiving professional help.  

As a community, when we have conversations about our mental health and check in with our friends, we actively work to combat the stigma associated with mental health. 

All humans go through periods where they may need additional assistance. When we are balancing working, going to school, and navigating the world, we sometimes feel pressures that can impact our mental health. Being able to rely on our friends, family, and service providers when we are having feelings or thoughts of suicide helps to cope with these challenging and scary feelings. 

As part of the Buddy Up Campaign, we will be hosting a Therapy dog visit. Stop by for a chance to discuss the resources available at the College, pick up some Buddy Up swag, and support deconstructing the gender norms that stop individuals from accessing life-saving services.  

To learn more about the campaign, visit the Buddy Up website. The site includes helpful tips to initiate difficult conversations and identify warning signs, and provides a list of national suicide prevention and crisis resources.   Sign up for the “Buddy Up Challenge” for the month of June.

Stop by and say “Hi” to therapy dogs at NDC  

Date: June 23rd 2022 

Time: 11:30-1:00pm  

Location: Dining Area of the STTC