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Learning Technologies

Learning Technologies


LEARN How To Add A True and False Question To A Quiz

September 9, 2014

True / False Question

  • True / False questions should be statements rather than questions. Learners can read the statement and identify it as either True or False. Ensure your questions do not read as Yes / No questions as this can confuse the learner.
  • To add to the complexity of a true false question and go beyond a simple statement, you can include a paragraph that would require the learner to evaluate the truthfulness of all statements as a whole.
  • Set the correct answer by populating the weighting field. If the correct answer is “True”, fill the Weight (%) text field with “100”


LEARN How To Create Multiple Choice Questions

September 9, 2014

Multiple Choice Question

  • Multiple Choice questions should have one correct answer. If there should be more than one correct answer, a Multi-Select question should be used instead.
  • Like a True / False question, set the correct response by filling the Weight (%) field with “100”.
  • Consider clicking Randomize options to mix up the answers every time a learner takes the Quiz. Note: Don’t select this option if one of the correct answers is “All of the above”.

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Description:Learn how to create Multiple Choice Questions

Multi-Select Question

September 9, 2014

  • Multi-Select questions are perfect for questions with more than one correct response, or All-That-Apply type questions.
  • Ensure your learners know they can select multiple answers by including “Select all that apply.” in your Question Text.
  • Instead of manually typing out numbers before each option, you can enable automatic Enumeration.
  • Keep distractors plausible and all relatively the same length
  • Avoid using NOT questions (e.g. Which of the following is NOT an attribute of emotional intelligence?) as they make the question more confusing for the learner.
  • The default style for multiple-choice questions is Vertical, but if your answers are shorter, consider using Horizontal to fill up whitespace.



screenshot of multiple choice Question