Add Videos/Courses From Linkedin Learning To Your Course

Creating a Sharable link from a LinkedIn Learning Video URL

  1. View the LinkedIn Learning video you wish to share
  2. Copy the URL of the video from the address bar
    Example of a LinkedIn Learning URL
    (example of a LinkedIn Learning URL)
  3. Paste the link where you would like to use it (example: email, LEARN content, etc.)
  4. add &auth=true to the end of the URL before saving
    Linkedin Learning URL example
    (example of the above LinkedIn Learning URL with authentication code added)

Add Videos/Courses From Linkedin Learning To Your LEARN Course:

  1. Go to your LEARN account.
  2. Click “Resources” (1) located on course navbar and click on “LinkedIn Learning (Formerly” (2).
  3. This will take you to the LinkedIn Sign In page. More information about signing in for the first time you can find here:
  4. After you have signed in successfully, click on “Go to Admin”.
  5. Click on “Content” as an Admin and search for videos and courses that you want to share in your course.
  6. Search for the course or a video that you want to share with your students in your Learn course.
    1. If you need to add the whole course (1) to your course in Learn, then click on “More” (2) and choose “Share via LTI SSO link” (3). After you have clicked the link it will automatically copy to the ‘clipboard’
    2. Some results will come up as videos only, which will be the same process as the course, but the shareable link will only be for that video.
      You can also copy the video link when viewing a course, click on “Contents” (1), find the video you want to add and click on it (2).

      In the video, click on “Share” (1) and choose “Share via LTI SSO link” (2).
  7. Go back to your course in LEARN and click into the “Course Content”, select the Module you wish to add the video into, click “New”, and “Create a Link” (2).
  8. Type a descriptive name for the video or course you are linking in the “Title” (1), paste (right-click paste, or ctrl+v) the shareable link (2), choose “Open as External Resource”, and “Create” (4).
  9. The course or video from LinkedIn Learning will now appear as a link within your courses content.


Replace video links with LinkedIn Learning within course content in LEARN:

If your video links were not updated with new LinkedIn Learning links, you can make this change by yourself.

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Go to your LEARN account.
  2. Find the name of the video you need to replace. You can access this either by clicking on the link and viewing the video title, or viewing the title of the course/video within the URL.
  3. Repeat steps 2-6 listed above
  4. Replace the link that needs to be updated.
    1. If the link is a course link brows to the module it is in, click the menu after it’s name and “Edit Link” and proceed to step #5 below.
    2. If the link is within a news item, or a LEARN HTML page, click the page with the link that you need to update with a new LinkedIn Learning link, click on a drop-down menu (1) next to the video title, and choose “Edit HTML” (2).
    3. Select the video link you need to replace (1) and click on “Insert Quicklink” (2).
  5. Under “HTML Properties URL*” (1) paste the “shareable link” that you copied from LinkedIn Learning and click “Update” (2).
  6. Last step, before you “Update” (2) with new content, don’t forget to make changes and update text referencing “” to “LinkedIn Learning” (1).