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Referencing and Restoring Deleted or Modified Grades and Grade items in the LEARN Gradebook

December 17, 2014

LEARN keeps track of all changes to the gradebook and in some situations also offers a restore function.

To reference changes to the gradebook you will be looking for the “Event Log” icon. eventlog

Here is a step by step post on how to access the event log in a number of different locations in the Gradebook.  There is a video outlining the process at the end of the post.

For example:

  • If you would like to view changes or restore deleted grade items from the gradebook, you can access the “Event Log” from the “More Actions” drop down menu.image002
    • Once you have clicked the “Event Log” you can view changes, and restore deleted grade items.image003
  • When viewing the gradebook click the “action button” (small triangle) to view the “Event Log” either on the grade item or the grade category.image004
    • Click “Event Log”. You can now view changes that have been made to that grade item.  Weight, points, other custom settings.
  • You can view changes made to student grades by first clicking “Enter Grades”.entergrades
    • Click the student you wish to view changes for.
    • Click the “action” button beside their name near the top of the screen and click “Event Log”image006
    • You can now view any changes that have been made to that students grades.image007

Here is a video outlining the process: