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Tools for Making Microvideos

April 13, 2012

The TLTC frequently assesses new software. We post parts of our internal reviews on our blog, but we do not necessarily endorse the technologies presented here. Please use this post for information only. The TLTC only supports technologies listed in our technology toolbox.

The TLTC has been looking and testing softwares that are friendly to use and produce good quality products.  Some instructors are going to create their first videos by themselves and we want to make it easier for them, so they will be able to concentrate on their content and not fighting with the production hardware or software.

This post will introduce you to softwares that we checked and recommend to use when you need to create your Microvideos. We found friendly to use and effective Web camera recorders and screen capture softwares that will work for your needs and assist you to get good quality videos.

Debut Video Capture

Use this software when you need to record Talking Head Microvideo or to capture computer’s screen. For Talking Head Microvideo, download Debut, add a web camera to your computer and record.

Debut records good quality image and can produce different export formats – we recommend saving your files as MP4 because this format works with LEARN website best.

You can download Debut here:

Camtasia Studio

This software has the same options as Debut Video Capture and more. You can record yourself talking or capture your desktop and edit. Camtasia Studio has large video editing options that allow editing your videos and adding titles.

You can download Camtasia Studio here:

Jing Screenshots Capture

This one is perfect for screen captures. Jing gives you option to choose the exact place on your desktop, mark it and capture what you need.

You can download Jing Screenshots Capture here:

Note: most software has 30-day free trial versions.


Web Camera, stand, Document Camera such as Elmo or Ladybug all this equipment you can get by contacting Library’s Media Services Department:

Phone: 632-2231

Email: Media@RRC.CA