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eBook Creator Review

March 12, 2012

The TLTC frequently assesses new software. We post parts of our internal reviews on our blog, but we do not necessarily endorse the technologies presented here. Please use this post for information only. The TLTC only supports technologies listed in our technology toolbox.

eBook Creator is a iOS app with the purpose to allow the mobile users to produce eBooks on the go. This app has some features like sharing the final product to other mobile users, ability to import images from the devices photo album, background music, and more. A full list of features this app can do can be found on the website. I will go over the interface and functionality of this app as well my final thought about it.

The interface for this app is simple, a book case containing your created eBook’s. Upon entering the eBook Creator’s creation menu you are given very simple and intuitive options. These options include adding titles, background images, background sounds and text. You have the choice frame options, transition styles and effects to each slide. With these features and options you can create eBooks quickly and easily.

Where this app lacks is the functionality it has. Though the interface is easy to use and to understand, the functionality is not at par for post-secondary use. Whats missing in this app is more functionality to enhance the eBook creation process. What I would of liked to see is the ability to add more text per page and more images. Currently the only image you can add is a background photo from your devices photo album. Also the workflow to create new slides is not intuitive. You will need to create pages by reverting back to the main creation page and then make sure the page was last viewed in order to add details like background images, sound and text.Once done you can send it to your friends or colleagues by tapping on the send button in the creation page.

While the app is great for younger audiences the overall experience for post-secondary use is lacking. This app costs $3.99 (March 3rd 2012) and can be found in the Apple Store.