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Meet Amanda, RRC’s Zero Waste Coordinator

October 20, 2020

Hello RRC! My name is Amanda Wolfe, and I am the College’s Zero Waste Coordinator.  My job is to apply zero waste concepts of sustainable resource management to the campus waste streams.  My focus is on waste reduction, reuse and continuous improvement of current programs such as recycling and composting.

I started my job at RRC during the pandemic, which was an interesting experience.  At first it was strange meeting all my colleagues virtually and working from my laundry room, but now it seems completely normal.  While I work primarily from home, I visit our campuses on a weekly basis to make sure our programs are running smoothly and to check in with our Recycling Team.

My background is in engineering and project management.  Before coming to RRC, I worked for the City of Winnipeg Water and Waste Department, and strived to implement green office programs, waste reduction and sustainable procurement policies.

I really enjoy working with people and learning new things. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, baking, exercising (mostly power walking) and listening to podcasts.  I’m looking forward to meeting you and working together to achieve a zero waste campus!