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Introducing… Creekside Honey

August 17, 2017

Creekside Honey: NDC’s very own private label honey. Don’t worry, our Marketing Department will make a much nicer label .

You submitted (98 honey names) and you voted (an astounding 6,794 times) and we finally have a resolution to our NDC honey-naming contest.

A huge congratulations goes out to Bettina Allen for coming up with Creekside Honey. This honey is aptly named because, in Bettina’s words, Omand’s Creek runs along the edge of the college grounds and through Brookside Cemetery. It is home to a variety of wild plants, flowers and wildlife and likely a popular place for the RRC bees to collect pollen.

Mark your calendar! Creekside Honey, along with our Bijou Honey, will be sold at RRC’s 2nd annual Farmers’ Market on Friday, September 15th. Since we’ve doubled our hives from last year, our honey yield has increased substantially, so there will be much more to go around.

Congratulations also to our finalists Rob Buisson (Bad to the Drone), Shaun Scrymgeour (Born to Bee Wild), Lynn Gibson (Campus Buzz), Dave Wozny (Notre Dame Nectar), Mark Hoddenbagh (Rebelicious).

Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun summer contest. It sure did create a buzz on campus!