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Big cheers for students caught recycling!

December 4, 2013

Last week, Karl, Brittnay, Reynaldo and Dave got a big surprise when they were caught RECYCLING at our Notre Dame and Exchange District Centre campuses!  The cast and crew from Recycle Everywhere team leaped out to cheer and celebrate our recyclers, and if that wasn’t enough they also walked away with a bike from Woodcock Cycle or a North Face jacket. Not bad for simply putting your empty beverage container in the recycling bin!

stunts photo gallery

Recycle Everywhere is visiting locations around Manitoba and surprising unsuspecting recyclers with bikes, jackets and other prizes when they recycle their beverage containers.  This is part of a province-wide goal of recycling 75% of all beverage containers purchased by Manitobans. (The current provincial recycling rate for beverage containers hovers below 50%.)

The Sustainability Office was thrilled to be a stop along the tour and to be able to reward our students for recycling. At Red River College, we collect an average of 960 kg of plastic bottles for recycling every month, so it was nice to  openly reward and celebrate those simple actions that make a world of difference.