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New School Year, New Recycling Program

August 13, 2012

What do yogurt containers, fresh fruit “clamshells” and frozen food trays have in common? They are now accepted in RRC’s recycling program!

Thanks to our new recycling hauler, Phoenix Recycling Inc., RRC has expanded the types of allowable materials into our recycling program.

RRC’s recycling program accepts these materials, and more!

In addition to plastics #1 and #2, we can now accept plastics #3, #4, #5 and #7 in green lid Slim Jim containers located throughout our campuses. This means that yogurt and pudding containers, margaine tubs, salad dressing bottles and old tupperware containers can now be recycled into new products instead of taking the dead-end trip to the landfill. (All plastic bottles, containers and jars have a number that identifies the type of plastic. Check the bottom to find it.) In addition to plastics, food tins (tuna and soup tins), milk cartons and jugs and juice boxes should go in green-lid bins.

And don’t forget about the Cheerios!

Boxboard is commonly found in the garbage even though cereal, Kleenex and frozen food boxes can be recycled. These boxes should be flattened and put in blue lid Slim Jim recycling bins or deskside recycling bins (for staff).

Thanks for doing your part!  🙂