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Inservice Day Sports Camp October 25th – keep the kids active and bring them to school/work with you. While you work or got to school, they’ll be taking part in a fun-filled day of sports activities! Open to alumni and the community as well!

Rec Hockey-Join us every Tuesday from 440-540 for Rec Hockey at Canlan on Sargent.

Retro Game Night – October October 9 from 4 to 7 – Join your crew, grab your controllers and come down to the Cave for some video game magic! Play some classic games as Mario Cart, NHL and Sonic the Hedge Hog along with friends. A great study/work break and a chance to have some fun!. Free to play, open to all

Rebels Weekend Wrap– Check out how the Rebels team did this past weekend.


Hours of operating for September will be 630 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 3pm Saturdays and Sundays.

About us

RRC’s Athletics and Recreation Services department provides recreational opportunities that enhance our student, staff and alumni’s physical, social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, intellectual and occupational well-being.

We provide varsity sport programs that allow students to nourish their character and build their confidence, as they learn to maximize their potential as a student-athlete.

We believe in the power of recreation and sport and its ability to inspire, empower and engage our community.

Guiding Principles

To guide our actions and decisions we believe:

  • We are an advocate for well-being, sport, recreation and active living.
  • In providing programs, services and facilities that ensure a safe and welcoming environment.
  • To grow and learn we need to innovate and collaborate.
  • That we find strength in diversity and value all individuals.
  • That fun and play bring a positive energy allowing us to balance school, work and life.

Customer Service Desks

Notre Dame Campus: 204.632.2399

Exchange District Campus: 204.949.8499

Department Contacts

Name Position Phone Email
Shane Ray Manager, Athletics and Recreation Services 204-632-3030 shray@rrc.ca
Cole Skinner Coordinator, Athletics and Recreation Services 204-632-2397 coskinner@rrc.ca
Mario De Negri Fitness Coordinator 204-949-8499 mdenegri@rrc.ca
Evelyn Kampen Customer Service Representative 204-632-2513 ekampen31@rrc.ca

Varsity Sport Head Coaches

Name Team Email
Chris Voth Men’s Volleyball cvoth32@RRC.CA
Scott Kirkpatrick Men’s Basketball skirkpatrick@RRC.CA
Doug Lawrie Women’s Soccer / Futsal dalawrie@RRC.CA
Dan McGregor Women’s Volleyball djmcgregor@RRC.CA
Chuck Mrena Men’s Soccer / Futsal cmrena@RRC.CA
Jaenas Pangilinan Women’s Basketball japangilinan@RRC.CA

Employment Opportunities

See our employment opportunities.

Social Media

Twitter: @rrcrebels

YouTube: RedRiverCollegeRebels

Facebook: rrcrebels

Instagram: @rrcrebels

Athletics and Recreation Services Hashtags

  • #rebelsunited – for Rebels varsity sport
  • #gorebels – for Rebels varsity sport
  • #rebelsrec – for recreation programs, services and events
  • #rrcwellness – for fitness and wellness programs, services and events
  • #rebelfit – for fitness and wellness programs, services and events