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Human Resource Services is located on the 4th floor of building C, at the Notre Dame Campus in Winnipeg. (Campus Map).

Human Resource Services
Room C410 – 2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, MB   R3J0J9

General Line: 204-632-2319
Fax: 204-694-0750

Melanie Gudmundson
Chief Human Resource Officer
Phone: 204-632-2346

Lindsay Allan
A/ Director, Human Resource Services
Phone: 204-632-2329

Janet Miller
Manager, Human Resource Services
Phone: 204-631-3375

HR Administrative Coordinator

Jennifer Genge
Phone: 204-632-2543

Administrative Assistants

Seema Patel
Phone: 204-632-2319

Maribel Ferreira
Phone: 204-632-3056

Human Resource Consultants

Melissa Bayer
Phone: 204-632-3777

Debbie Sullivan
Phone: 204-632-3780

Nancy L. Cumbers
Phone: 204-631-3477

Beth Benoit
Phone: 204-632-2551

Supportive Employment

Joy Hiebert
Supportive Employment Consultant
Phone: 204-362-3796

Discrimination, Harassment, & Sexual Violence

Carolyn Frost
Resource & Resolution Advisor
Phone: 204-362-2265

Human Resource Associates

Jennifer Genge
Phone: 204-632-2543

Leslie Ternowetsky
Phone: 204-632-2420

Human Resource Systems

Shaneesa Ferguson
Manager, Human Resource Systems
Phone: 204-632-2951

Kate Cong
HR Systems Administrator
Phone: 204-632-3063

Pay and Benefits Specialists

Rae-Allyn Bartecki
Phone: 204-632-2537

Maria Evaristo
Phone: 204-632-2048

Cynthia Morrow
Phone: 204-632-2320

Wendy Cooper
Phone: 204-632-2234

Susan Hernandez
Phone: 204-632-3974

For general inquiries for payroll and benefits please email


Pay & Benefits Clerk

Lee Mathews
Phone: 204-632-3974