Equity, Diversity and Inclusion on Campus

Employment Equity

At Red River College Polytechnic, we are dedicated to providing a respectful atmosphere that is diverse, inclusive and equitable to our students, staff and external partners. Our goal is to provide a barrier-free environment for all individuals to succeed in their academic, employment and research goals.

What is employment equity?

We follow the Employment Equity Act (Canada) to define our commitment to creating a fair and equitable workplace.

Employment Equity is a program designed to identify and eliminate employment barriers that may exist in procedures and policies. An employment equity program attempts to achieve:

  • A workforce that reflects the diversity of the available labour force
  • Employment systems, policies and practices that support the equitable recruitment, retention and promotion of designated group members
  • Employment systems that ensure inclusive access to employees in developing their abilities and making the best contribution possible to the workplace.

Employment Equity Policies