Room Inspections

Entry by Campus Living/RRC Polytech Staff

Campus Living staff have the right to enter a Resident’s suite whether or not the Resident is present, in the following situations:

  • The Resident has given written or verbal permission for a specific purpose or occasion;
  • After giving 24 hours notice of intention to enter the Resident’s suite;
  • Where there exist reasonable grounds to believe that there is an emergency situation, a violation of Residence policy related to safety, or evidence of criminal activity within the room, and;
  • Maintenance and cleaning staff have permission to enter Residents’ rooms on the basis of a request for maintenance or cleaning, or in the event of a maintenance emergency.

Room Inspections

Inspections of Residence rooms by Campus Living staff or its approved contractors may be scheduled periodically. The purpose of the inspections is to ensure that health and safety standards and other legal requirements are being met. Failure to pass room inspections may result in Fines specified by Campus Living, and repeated inspection failures may result in increased fees or may become grounds for eviction or non-renewal of your contract.


Residents are not permitted to have pets in Residence.

Food Storage

Food must be stored in sealed plastic or glass containers to avoid contamination, vermin, and odour. Food left in open containers in lounges will be discarded by RAs or cleaning staff.