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Donors ARE the difference at RRC Polytech. Below is a listing of generous donors who have established memorial awards. Click on the awards to see past recipients.

Norm Konowalchuk Memorial Scholarship

Norm Konowalchuk

The Norm Konowalchuk Memorial scholarships are awarded on an annual basis to deserving RRC Polytech Business Administration diploma graduates who wish to further their education by enrolling in a business undergraduate degree program and/or an alternative professional designation program at an accredited institution.

After graduating from high school, Norm completed the Business Administration program at Red River Community College and soon after was employed by the College for 33 1/2 years holding various positions, starting with the Accounts receivable Department and ending, in the highlight of his career, with a senior management position as Vice-President – Administrative Affairs.

Norm was of the belief that people should always better themselves and to push their abilities to the highest limits. Norm strongly believed in what RRC Polytech had to offer individuals in terms of education and training of students, which was a testament to his long career at the College.

This unique scholarship was set up in Norm’s name by his loving family (along with the generous financial support of Norm’s former work colleagues, friends, and family) to assist students with an opportunity to better themselves by obtaining further education. The award’s criteria was designed to best reflect Norm’s values and personal attributes that made him the remarkable man that he was.

In 2014, the Konowalchuk Family made a decision to expand their support and provide two substantial awards for Hospitality students.

Norm Konowalchuk Memorial Award Recipients

  • 2021 – Margaret Limqueco
  • 2020 – Althea Dunlop
  • 2019 – Christian Peters, Maria Francesca Agatep, Gisselle Gallo Medina
  • 2018 – Nikolai Bola, Jieun Kim, Leane Kate Galang, Charlyn Mae Gapuz
  • 2017 – Cole Corlett-Hedley, Ezequiel Lerner, Travis Leost
  • 2016 – Caroline Crawford, Tara Hall, Jeff Davey, Brittany Peto
  • 2015 – Niu Xiao Meng, Coleen Antonio , Natalie Faye Hunte, Hozan Ibrahim, Devyn Bartel, Mathieu Yahiro, Joshua Griffin, Roy Scott
  • 2014 – Roberto Montanino, Leah Single
  • 2013 – Kirk Smith
  • 2012 – Robyn Bronk, Amanda Hofer
  • 2011 – Karen Kembel, Brittany Pedden
  • 2010 – No recipient
  • 2009 – Carlee Friesen
  • 2008 – Jennifer Formaniuk
  • 2007 – Nikita Kippen

Peter Nykoluk Memorial Bursary

Peter’s bursary was created to recognize students in Business Administration, Business Administration Integrated, Applied Accounting and Commerce/Industry Sales and Marketing.

On his return home in the spring of 1990 from a tour of Australia and New Zealand, Peter decided to enroll in Business Administration at RRC Polytech. Following graduation, his goal was to establish his own small business.

That summer, Peter joined the Winnipeg Rowing Club and was chosen to compete in the final regatta of the season in Minneapolis. While traveling to the regatta on October 12, 1990, Peter died accidentally when he came to the aid of his teammates who were involved in a car accident.

During his 25 years, Peter was enthusiastic about life and worked hard in all his endeavors. He had a great love of family, friends, sports, music, his faith and the Canadian wilderness.

Peter Nykoluk Memorial Award Recipients

  • 2021 – Joshua Avila, Andrea Mae Biay, Brittany Bunn, Deyssy Chuctaya, Steven Garland, Nina Hempel, Angeii Nerisse Profeta, Lauren Wall
  • 2020 – Taylor Bruce, Jillian Dimayuga, Colleen Ferwerda, Anastasiia Kozii, Katrina Mae Relador, Sven Schefer, Michelle Stang, Melody Unrau
  • 2019 – Kathleen Ajon, Moab Akhiazar, Melanie Anderson, Althea Dunlop, Amanda Koniak, Marla Lopes, Jay Michno, Aries Reyes
  • 2018 – Bobbylee Bannon-Neault, Joshua Doidge, Flavio dos Santos, Megan Gagnon, Shelby Joss, Anna Krainova, Perry Lalonde, Christopher Layton, Brett Parkin, Janelle Pierre-Folster, Isabella Waldner
  • 2017 – Presley Bordian, Cole Corlett-Hedley, Jieun Kim, Rizaley Patio, Abbiyel Ramirez, Shaun Spence
  • 2016 – Jack Keenan, Kevin Friesen, Dawn Jackson, Michelle Meeches, Julianne Sevilla, Caroline Hook
  • 2015 – Victor Savino-Rielle, Hien Lai, Chantel Delorme, Nicholas Albrecht, Yuliya Shevchuk, Leslie Lobel
  • 2014 – Patricia Baker, Dennis Boger, Heidi Lenz, Carrie Manitopyes, Melodicah Ng’aya, Roy Scott, Dayna Zaharia
  • 2013 – Sarah Maynard, Coleen Nicole Pagar, Crystal Smith, Amber Stade, Yue Zhang
  • 2012 – Jason Chubey, Andrew Hodgson, Aminata Koroma, Kirk Smith, Jennifer Usunier
  • 2011 – Thomas Barnicki, Ella Betke, Amanda Hofer, Tara-Lynn Luchuck, Anh Tuan Nguyen
  • 2010 – Thon Abraham Dout, Karen Kembel, Digna Navarro, Rufaro Sangarwe, Erin Wavey
  • 2009 – Amanda Cantwell, Sonya Dubois, Clarisse Joven, Sophia Kattenat, Paul Kelemen
  • 2008 – Rachelle Girard, Chantelle Graham, Justine Hayward, Torrie Sato, Michael Yarema
  • 2007 – Mark Pilon, Julie-Ann Deaffie, Mark Boychuk, Kristopher Hartung
  • 2006 – Brent Turner, Chantelle Graham, Victoria Irvine
  • 2004 – Shelley McKay, Johannes Schalkwyk, Kyle Schewe
  • 2003 – Desiree Tan, Katty Bains, Ana Tan (Adriosula)
  • 2002 – Crystal Easter, Valerie Favelle, Rene Poluyko
  • 2001 – Cindy Gjura, Sandra Melgar, Myrna McKenzie, Tonya Enns
  • 1999 – Christina Sears, Victoria Goodall
  • 1998 – Jeffrey Moon, Laura Jadeske
  • 1997 – Rosemary Merasty, Enrique Callejas
  • 1996 – Vinh Le, Tamara Sholler
  • 1995 – Christopher Byrne, Wendy Sutherland
  • 1994 – Mitchell Dixon, Brenda Richard
  • 1993 – Robert Neufeld, Agatha Reimer
  • 1992 – Dean Hales, Lori Peluk

Barbara Nagler Memorial Bursary

“Barbara’s Bursary” recognizes students in the Animal Health Technology program who strive for academic excellence and community service by providing financial assistance during their studies.

Before she passed away in 1995, Barbara Nagler shared an immense love for animals with her younger sister Lara, who died in 1999.

Barbara’s great compassion extended to all creatures, whether domesticated or wild. She believed they should be treated with the utmost care and respect.

In memory of Barbara, her family chose to foster the well-being of animals as well as to help other young people achieve their educational goals.

They felt it fitting to establish “Barbara’s Bursary” for those students who share her conviction.

RRC Polytech was honoured to establish this award. The unending devotion shown by Barbara for the animals she adored, and the family who cherish Barbara’s memory, embody the spirit of this award.

Barbara Nagler Memorial Award Recipients

  • 2020 – Rayne Milne, Kathryn Pay, Melissa Reis, Jessica Zinyk. Noemie Durand, Kathryn Pay
  • 2019 – Akyssa Jenkins, Autumn Silva, Tanesa Turnbull, Brandy Wieler, Sonya Joyal, Jesslyn Taylor
  • 2018 – Sabrina Currie, Allison Kolynchuk, Hannah Matias, Taryn Friesen, Elizabeth Greber
  • 2017 – Courtney Smith, Courtney Peters, Nicole Zacharias, Bria Yeryk
  • 2016 – Haley Dempsey, Callie Hilton, Amanda Malam, Hayley Stewart, Courtney Peters, Stephanie Kolodka, Jordan Currie
  • 2015 – Elizabeth Petrycky, Desiree Fowler, Kimberely McCarthy-Pisiak, Amy Bartley, Alyssa Hill, Shiyrah Friesen, Keara Landry
  • 2014 – Amy Bartley, Kimberley McCarthy-Pisiak, Caitlin Halek, Jennifer Peters, Ashley Recksiedler, Brittany Sear
  • 2013 – Jennifer Peters, Ashley Recksiedler, Jenesis Caughy, Caitlin Fewings, Stephanie Bourgeois, Melanie Hildebrand
  • 2012 – Jenesis Caughy, Caitlin Fewings, Jennifer Peters, Ashley Recksiedler, Cynthia Tonn
  • 2011 – Susan Margretta Hepburn, Madison Toews
  • 2010 – Erin Bell, Susan Margretta Hepburn, Jennifer Pearson, Laura Stepien, Cynthia Tonn, Melissa Young
  • 2009 – Erin Bell, Kayla Dupuis, Jennifer Pearson, Kristen Peters, Amanda Salo
  • 2008 – Kara Dawn Harder, Heather Laurie, Jessi McIntosh, Jade Preston, Mela Beverley Salaam, Tiffany Tilley
    2007 – Tanya Joy Lautermilch, Colin Rene Philippot, Warren Reis, Courtney Anne Sabo
  • 2006 – Andrea Kelpin, Catherine Bourne
  • 2005 – Melanie Brown
  • 2004 – Alison Rempel
  • 2003 – Alyson Mitchell
  • 2002 – Melissa Lyon
  • 2001 – Marlee Ritchie, Heather Knox
  • 2000 – Michelle Lussier

Betty Andrich Memorial Awards

Betty Andrich

The Betty Andrich Memorial Awards are awarded to mature students in the Library & Information Technology program who combine academic excellence with volunteerism.

Betty Andrich, herself a mature student, was a graduate of the College’s inaugural Library Technician program in 1963. Her intelligence and curiosity brought her great success in the field of library reference work. Throughout her life, Betty was tenacious with answering research questions and her volunteer commitment.

In memory of Betty, her husband Jack and daughter Sheila established these awards to reward students who share her devotion to service through library reference work and community involvement.

Betty Andrich Award Recipients

  • 2021 – Danica Loewen
  • 2020 – Linda Fontaine
  • 2019 – Meagan Acquisto, Danica Loewen, Frances Oborne,
  • 2018 – Kylie MacRae, Christina Janzen, Adam Klassen Bartel, Lori Friesen
  • 2017 – Joanna Dueck, Lori Friesen, Otto Ripoll Leal
  • 2016 – Joshua Mailhot, Melanie Godin
  • 2015 – Jolene Shepherd, Kaitlin Desrosiers, Mervin Koscielny
  • 2014 – Jolene Shepherd
  • 2013 – Christine Janzen
  • 2012 – Diana Saunders, Darren Wesselius
  • 2011 – Kristin Johnson, Darren Wesselius
  • 2010 – Mikaela Oldenkamp, Lisa Zvanovec
  • 2009 – Krista Maynard, Mikaela Oldenkamp
  • 2008 – Fatima Demelo, Yu Fang Zeng
  • 2007 – Elizabeth Stregger
  • 2006 – Leesa Girouard
  • 2005 – Diane Moran
  • 2004 – Frances Harms
  • 2003 – Eleanor Dorst
  • 2002 – Monique Arbez
  • 2001 – Joan Baker

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