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Fearless Female award revs up support for women in trades

September 9, 2021

A Manitoba company built to empower and promote women in motorsports is revving up by providing an annual award of $1,000 to a woman in the final term of trades programs at Red River College.

Tina Stefanson, owner of Machine Girl Motorsports Company, says she launched the Machine Girl Fearless Female award to make it easier for women at the start of their skilled trades training. The award will cover tuition, but also includes a unique gift package that includes equipment and gear from the Machine Girl Motorsports Fearless Female workwear line.

“Tools and gear can make it expensive to start a career in trades,” she explains. “I want to help women get started on their journey in every way I can.”

A graduate of the RRC’s Computer Accounting Technician and Distance TIG Welding programs, Stefanson says skilled trades and motorsports go hand in hand – and today, more women are climbing the ranks of both.

“Ultimately, I want to see women acknowledged as equal contenders in all areas of motorsports, and to be recognized as equal tradespeople for their abilities, contributions, talents and hard work.”

Stefanson started riding dirt bikes at age nine, and began customizing cars, trucks and motorcycles at 17. She’s raced in the A-Mod class at Red River Coop Speedway, where she also worked on a pit crew.

“I’ve always had a burning passion for anything with an engine,” she says.

She launched the Machine Girl brand in 2015 to promote, empower and support female on- and off-road moto and motorsport enthusiasts. In 2018, the company grew into Machine Girl Motorsports Company (MGMC), and now offers motorsports apparel and workwear for women in trades, as well as motorcycle safety instruction.

Stefanson says the company’s goal is to reach across the world and create a community of women supporting one another in motorsports.

“One of our mottos is: We are Creating a Revolution of Women in Motorsports. I firmly believe this to be both true and possible.”

Award Description

A $1000 has been established by Machine Girl Motorsports Company, a one of a kind company built to support, empower, and promote women in all areas of motorsports. Machine Girls Motorsport Company was created from humble beginnings; mixed with a burning passion for anything with an engine and the want to share that passion with women across the globe by owner, Tina Stefanson. This award is available to a woman, who is in the final term required to complete a trades program at Red River College. Eligible programs are: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer; Aerospace Manufacturing; Automotive Technician (Certificate or Diploma); Cabinetry & Woodworking Technology; Carpentry (five-month); CNC Machinist Technician; Collision Repair & Refinishing; Electrical (five-month); Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic; Manufacturing CAD; Marine and Powersports Technician; Plumbing (five-month); Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician (five-month) and Welding. The award is intended to cover the cost of tuition first. Along with the financial award, the selected recipient will receive a gift package from the donor. Eligible students need to demonstrate a financial need and be maintaining satisfactory academic achievement . The application deadline is October 15th.