Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Student Counselling Services?

At RRC Polytech we recognize that although coming to college and pursuing your career goals is a huge part of your life, you likely have many other things going on as well. You may have family/relationship problems, feelings of anxiety or depression, or you may experience some kind of personal crisis while you are a student. These types of personal issues can have a big impact on how you manage your academic life, and Student Counselling Services would like to offer understanding, support and guidance through these difficult times. We also want to see you succeed in your career goals and by better managing personal difficulties this is more possible.

By coming to Student Counselling Services, you can also receive guidance regarding academic concerns, underachievement in your studies, and assistance with career direction. There could be times when a student questions their program selection or has confusion about the goals they once were very certain about. Counselling Services can provide assistance in gaining more clarity and getting re-focused.

Students who have a diagnosed disability can also register with Student Counselling Services to discuss academic supports and accommodations they are eligible to receive. Please visit Student Accessibility Services for more information.

Will my instructors know that I am attending counselling appointments?

Your instructors will not know if you are receiving services from Student Counselling Services unless you would like to tell them yourself or you give written consent for your counsellor to do so. There may be times that you may want your counsellor to advocate on your behalf with an instructor, but you would need to give written permission before this could occur.

In situations where someone’s life is at risk, it is the counsellor’s legal responsibility to inform those necessary to prevent harm from occurring. In such cases confidentiality will be broken.

My friend really needs some help. Can I make an appointment for him/her?

Counselling is completely voluntary and confidential. On this basis, we require the individual receiving the service to personally make their own appointments, thus indicating they wish to attend.

How long will my appointment be?

You should plan on your first appointment being about 45-50 minutes long. During this time you and your counsellor will spend some time getting to know each other and your counsellor will also gather information in order to help you most effectively. Subsequent appointments may be shorter in length, depending on what you and your counsellor decide together.

Do I need to have a disability to access Student Counselling Services?

No. Whereas students with disabilities are required to register with Student Accessibility Services if they wish to access educational supports, students without disabilities can also receive counselling services to meet a variety of other needs.

Many students find that personal counselling is very helpful while attending post secondary education. Life can present many stressors and they can impact on how someone may manage their school life. Receiving support and guidance about personal difficulties such as stress, addictions, depression, anxiety, finances, grief, relationship and family problems, can really make a big difference while also trying to focus on academics. If a counsellor is not able to provide assistance to you, he or she will make every effort to refer you to an appropriate resource that works well for you.

I am not sure what program or courses to take. Can I contact Student Counselling Services for academic advising or career planning?

Current RRC Polytech students or prospective students who would like guidance with exploring career directions should work through the Career Exploration Workbook. Additional career testing and one-on-one appointments are also available.

If current or prospective students are looking for specific course and program information, they would need to contact Academic Advising by calling 204-632-2327 and making an appointment.

If you already know what program you are interested in but are wondering about the job market in that particular field, contact Student Employment Services for further information. You can also review RRC Polytech Graduate Satisfaction and Employment Reports which includes reviews and employment success of graduates from that program.