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Co-operative education at Red River College Polytechnic integrates related on-the-job experience with classroom theory by providing Science Laboratory Technology students with an employer-paid work placement that complements their academic study. This system also provides employers with specially trained staff for temporary or permanent positions.

Gain Access to Qualified Students

After completing their second year of the newly-revised Science Laboratory Technology two-year diploma program, students will have the option to gain practical applied training either through performing an industry project or a paid co-op work term. At this point in their training, students will have acquired the knowledge and skill sets to succeed in their co-op placements. These skills will provide value to you, the employer, who will have access to the next generation of industry experts, and to the students, who apply their knowledge in real-life.

Benefits to Employers

In order to meet your current recruiting needs and beyond, Red River College Polytechnic is pleased to offer you highly motivated individuals trained in state-of-the-art scientific technologies. Many organizations view co-operative education as an efficient and cost-effective recruitment tool. In addition, co-op students can fill in for vacationing employees during the summer months, help out during periods of high demand, and take on those special projects that regular staff might not have the time for. By hiring a co-op student, you are also helping to provide a thriving workforce to support your business in the near and long term.

What is a Co-op Job?

The primary requirement for a co-op position is that the student is working in their field of study. This means that a Science Laboratory Technology student could not, for example, be employed in a restaurant. However, there are many possible duties that students can take on during their term. These can be as advanced as performing research in a medical lab or as simple as organizing a chemical inventory, entering data or receiving samples. A co-op student does not need to perform a special, specific project during their work term. The student is hired just as any employee is, typically for a defined term, at a rate of pay agreed to by the employer and student. There are no special obligations on the part of the employer other than those that pertain to any employee.

Student Skill Sets

The Science Laboratory Technology program is a two-year co-operative education diploma program. Successful students receive a solid foundation in the general fields of chemistry and biology throughout their time at the college. They gain knowledge specific to the following areas:

Chemistry And Chemical Analysis

  • The use of pipettes, calibrated glassware, balances and other standard equipment
  • Preparation of stock solutions and dilutions of acids, bases and other reagents
  • Titrations and gravimetric analyses
  • The use of basic and sophisticated instrumentation, including UV-vis and FTIR spectrophotometers, HPLC, GC, MS, NMR, AA and ICP-OES.

Biology and Microbiology

  • Media preparation
  • Microscopy
  • Use of micropipettes and centrifuge
  • PCR
  • Identification of various micro-organisms
  • Staining and tissue culture

Regulatory Compliance and Safety

  • Safe work practices based on WHMIS
  • Writing and following standard operating procedures
  • The requirements of various regulations and standards, such as ISO and HACCP
  • Appropriate documentation and record keeping

Mathematics, Statistics and Computers

  • Standard laboratory calculations such as determining molarity or ppm
  • Data analysis using basic statistics such as linear regression
  • Use of control charts to track results
  • Use of Microsoft Word and Excel

Student Availability

The Co-operative Education work term typically occurs in the May to August time frame after the second year of study and most students are available for work during this time frame. However, co-op students may be available at other times of the year and for longer or shorter time periods. It is advisable to advertise positions as early as February to ensure that you have access to a large pool of applicants.

Funding Opportunities

Employers hiring co-op students who meet specific criteria may be able to take advantage of several very generous wage subsidies. Learn more about available funding to hire your student:

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