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Research Partnerships & Innovation

International Marketing Intelligence Service Now Accepting Clients

August 15, 2017

The International Marketing Intelligence (IMI) service provides timely and targeted research and supporting services to enterprises of all sizes that are actively considering expansion to international markets.

Our primary goal is to assist small and medium-sized enterprises commercializing and expanding their sales internationally by providing relevant business and market intelligence in countries and regions of interest.

The Red River Advantage

Red River College’s international business program attracts students from all over the planet. These students speak the language, know the culture, and often already have degrees and/or diplomas as well as previous professional experience in their home countries.

They come to the College to get educated on international business theory and with the help of instructors, research managers and industry mentors, they apply this theory to address real and timely international development opportunities for local businesses. 

Key Services

Business Intelligence: insights regarding entering and doing business in international markets of choice.

Market Intelligence: answers to your customized questions regarding the viability of your product in international markets of your choice.

Product marketing: customized and targeted product marketing with translation capabilities for certain countries.

The Team

Tatjana Brkic, International Business Instructor
Red River College
Brent Wennekes, Research Manager
Research Partnerships and Innovation
Red River College
Mavis McRae, Research Professional
Red River College
Dafne Orbach
President of Niche Marketing
Sam Gomez, Columbia/Florida
Cristhiane Mignot
International Business Grad
Red River College
David Schlaikjar
International Business Grad
Red River College
Binbin Yang, China
Daniel Guedes, Brazil
  Lydia Feurtado, Jamaica
  Leonardo Celis Borrero, Mexico
  Rosemarie Santos, Philippines
Terrian Blair, Jamaica
Danielle Edwards, Jamaica
Anne Onota, Nigeria


“It was an absolute pleasure working with RRC International Research Group. They collected valuable information on the supplement industry in addition to the prebiotic market. The findings will assist the management team at MSPrebiotics as decisions are made to enter those markets.”

Jason Leibert, Vice President, Business Development

“By partnering with the international business students at RRC we were able to gain a greater understanding of international opportunities and global customer needs. As a partnership, we have developed new and innovative strategies to help expand our international business abilities.”

Todd Burns, President
Cypher Environmental

“Our experience with the IMI group was first-rate. Changing consumer habits for a new cup design and different foreign tea blends is a daunting concept as there is a considerable emotional attachment to local supply and availability. But the encouragement that we received from the work done by the research team provided added incentive to explore those markets in the near future.”

Bob Krul, Founder and President
Boreal Wildcraft Tea Company

“We piloted the IMI service for two of our clients 2016 as a component of the IRAP/NRC (Industrial Research Assistance Program/National Research Council Canada) Contribution to Organization with Red River College. Several of my clients have now benefitted from this customized service and I am now getting frequent demand from my colleagues to procure the service for their clients.”

Joe Cattani, Industrial Technology Advisor


Past Clients